Beijing Special report | National Development and Reform Commission: the per capita land of new residential areas shall be no less than 0.1 square meters

2022-05-18 0 By

On February 9, The State Council Information Office held a regular briefing on The State Council’s policies.Ou Xiaoli, director of the social development department of the National Development and Reform Commission, said community service facilities are an important foundation for the urban and rural community service system, and also a long-standing weakness in China.During the period of “difference” to the community service facilities construction as a full of temperature of the practical work of the people’s livelihood, in the town of old village transformation of prominent position, into the important content of the construction of the county urbanization, drive around by increasing capital investment, optimizing the function layout, vigorously promotes the policy, to win in 2025, realizing a complete coverage of urban and rural community comprehensive service facilities,The coverage rate of comprehensive service facilities in rural communities reached over 80 percent.Ou xiaoli introduced that in terms of financial support, the construction of comprehensive community service facilities will be included in the scope of local government special bond support, while continuing to arrange investment from the central budget to support the construction of community old-age backbone network.We will guide local governments to plan, design and build community service facilities in a unified manner, with a standard of no less than 30 square meters per 100 households.For the completed facilities, we encourage the introduction of community and social organizations or enterprises to carry out standardized and chain operation, so as to form scale advantages, improve operation efficiency and provide diversified services.In terms of function setting, the old community should revitalize the existing stock, and some outdated functional Spaces that do not meet the needs of the people should be integrated, adjusted and cleaned up, so as to vacate some space and improve the utilization efficiency of facilities.The layout of the new community should follow the idea of “1+N”, in which “1” is a community service complex, and “N” can be a convenient supermarket, a convenient canteen, a community pension center, a community health service center, a people’s gym, a space for employment and entrepreneurship, a household service network, etc.Specific areas can be flexibly determined according to actual demand.In terms of policy implementation, Au Xiaoli made it clear that the policy requirements for community allocation of service facilities were actually very clear.New residential areas should be equipped with community elderly service facilities with a per capita floor area of no less than 0.1 square meters, and public sports facilities with a per capita floor area of no less than 0.1 square meters indoors or 0.3 square meters outdoors.The construction requirements shall be incorporated into the construction drawings for examination, and shall not be delivered for use if the acceptance is not up to the standard.This year, local governments will be informed of their progress in implementing the policy.