A 60-year-old man takes revenge for the execution of his two sons, killing 130 soldiers

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In April 1861, due to the increasingly intensified economic contradictions between the north and the South, the United States of America formed by the northern part of the United States and the Confederate States of America in the south broke out in a large-scale armed conflict, the only civil war in the History of the United States of America the Civil War completely opened the prelude.The war spread quickly across the Continent. Even Tennessee, which had always been neutral, could not get away from it. The wheat fields of Tennessee smelled of blood as the Union army approached.Suddenly one day, an old man over sixty suddenly appeared, he not only single-handedly killed more than 130 Northern soldiers, but also staged a escape in the army’s layers of search.What kind of hatred did these soldiers have with him?How does a lone old man beat a hundred?On a farm in middle Tennessee, there lived an old Farmer, Jack Hansen, who came from France.As a young man, he immigrated with his family to the United States, where he married and settled for most of his life.Jack Henson and his wife had ten children, both boys.They told their father that they would be back later because they were going hunting in the woods.Old Jack himself is an experienced hunter, when the two sons were very small, he often took them to go hunting in the mountains, so he did not worry about the safety of the two sons, just told them before they went out “be careful”.What Jack never expected was that this simple instruction would be the last thing he would ever say to his two sons.Seeing that it was getting late and the anxious mother could not wait for her sons to arrive, the night in the forest was very dangerous. Even the old hunters with decades of hunting experience would not choose to spend the night in the forest, who knew at any moment a group of wild animals would suddenly emerge from the grass and tear them apart.Old jack a seemingly calm exterior but his heart is also very uneasy, and he carried his rifle was carrying a kerosene lamp went on a journey to find his son, but when he was just out of their homes, a news came suddenly, he from a farmer was referred to a good relationship with him, and his two sons have been the northern soldiers shot!Now the bodies of the boys were being paraded through the streets of the town!Old Jack was shaken by the news. He did not believe, for the life of him, that his two good sons would fall foul of union soldiers. Why should they execute my sons?In order to find out why his son was executed, old Jack everywhere for information, in his unremitting efforts, he finally understand why his sons will be this robbery.Originally, old Jack’s two sons in the process of hunting in the mountains accidentally met the march of the North army, a lieutenant of the army saw these two people with weapons and suspicious whereabouts, without saying a word sent people to catch them two people back.Although the boys told the lieutenant who they were and why they were carrying their weapons, the suspicious lieutenant still identified the two men as Confederate “scouts.”Despite the boys’ vigorous defenses, the lieutenant shot them.Later, to warn the surrounding villagers of the consequences of collaboration with the Confederate army, they put the bodies of the two boys on the streets of the town.After learning the boys’ home address, the cold-blooded Union sergeant cut off their heads and threw them in front of old Jack’s house.Killing his sons for no reason and throwing their heads at his own door, the brutality of the Union soldiers and this almost humiliating behavior will be over sixty years old Jack thoroughly angered!At that moment, he made a vow, must let this gang “brute” blood repay blood!To avenge his sons, Old Jack once again takes up the shotgun, now slightly dusty, and makes some simple modifications to make it more effective.He began to gather intelligence about the Northern army, and eventually learned that the army would leave town to join the army at the next location, so old Jack began his revenge plan.He first placed his wife and other children with relatives far away, knowing full well that what he did next would be met with mad retaliation from the Northern army and he had to make his wife and children suffer for the safety of his family.Set up a good family, old Jack carrying the pole strong alone one person went to the northern army of the only way, where he wants to let these hands stained with son’s blood beast to hell.When a Union lieutenant on a white horse strolled into view, Old Jack slowly loaded the gun. He aimed his crosshair at the officer’s head, muttering, “Go to hell!Bastards!”There was a sharp crack of the gun, and the cocky lieutenant was a cold corpse one moment, the bullet had hit him right in the head, blood streaming from the savage wound, and the half-chilled body still twitching.After the lieutenant fell to the ground, there was a brief confusion. Under the command of the adjutant, the soldiers took defensive positions and fired into the surrounding grass.They couldn’t figure out where the attackers were, so they had to go from cover to cover and look for possible targets.What they didn’t know was that they were up against an old hunter with decades of hunting experience, superb marksmanship and an intimate knowledge of the terrain.He wanted to avenge his two sons. He didn’t care whose chest the next bullet would hit. He only cared about how many people he could kill.One shot, two shots. Every time Old Jack pulled the trigger, a Union soldier fell to the ground. But because he fired one shot at a different place, the soldiers in the light could not find him.Later, Old Jack frequently took advantage of the terrain to snipe at the Union army, by the end of the war, he killed more than 130 Union soldiers, and the Union army has never been able to catch the mysterious gunman.In 1874, the old Jack died with more than 130 lives for his son. Before he died, he had left a will, asking his relatives to bury his body in the family cemetery with the remains of his two sons who died in vain.