5 hot sweet pet drama, high praise, you stay up late to follow?

2022-05-18 0 By

1, “a good dinner with you” the subject is new, the sum on the food and love, the theme of the drama of the filter, the first four sets look and feel good, fast paced, leading role acting nor play, male master pure tsundere again, she is tender and connect fully, two people have a spark, two pairs of line a stew of cp alliance a cp has also pretty interesting, although the plot is a bit old,But the rhythm is comfortable for a meal.2. The story of “The King’s Assistant” is too vulnerable to scrutiny, but the performance of the actors is lovely. The contrast between the actors’ own thoughts and the characters’ design makes the wasted time feel pink and lovely again.The rhythm is very fast, the acting is acceptable, the plot is a bit grandiose, there are a lot of unreasonable places, I was originally directed at the female appearance level, the plot is still attracted to me, very funny, rare sweet pet drama is funny.3, “we will not be in love” the first two sets of male protagonism a little loaded and oil, behind get along with much more natural.Ordinary small sweet drama, this collocation let me think of the recent city of light, are small Wolf dog take big sister, male subjective feeling better here.Jiang Yue’s character is the reality of the people around him, very real, full resonance, the scriptwriter worked hard.For now, passing sweet drama.4, “Hello sharpshooter” in front of the main is shen Qingyuan and Tang Xin ambiguous process, behind the feeling of each supporting role of the story is also up.It’s touching. It just feels like a late dub, you know?Lines should be strengthened, not a simple sweet drama, there are funny plots and tender plots, the overall description is very delicate, not sweet and sweet, all aspects of the setting are quite reasonable.5, “yesterday has a glazed tile” read the novel, drama don’t want to see the individual plot too emotional, too many false scene, the family part is good, but she acting too grandiose, lines are affected, was penalised, acting really needs to be promoted, a lot of plot embarrassment, men and women the main actors are actually I think is good, but the show really make people chase.5 hot sweet pet drama, high praise, you stay up late to follow?