The women’s soccer team that did the magic again doesn’t deserve live streaming?When will women’s football have the status to match its strength?

2022-05-17 0 By

Sonorous roses bloom again!2 degrees down 2 degrees to tie!Never give up that’s what women’s football tells us!Having experienced the fiasco of the Olympic Games, the women’s football team has not fallen from this point, the Asian Cup women’s football team changed the declining trend of the Olympic Games, jedi rebound!Group 2 straight wins scored 11 goals 1 goal did not concede, group first.First round of elimination match 3 than 1 eliminate Vietnam, semifinals against strong enemy Japan!The women’s football girls have ushered in the big exam, the strength of The Japanese women’s football team is beyond doubt, the top team in Asia!From the beginning of the first half, the Japanese women’s soccer team dominated the game, with possession rate, shooting opportunities, shots on target, corner kicks and other statistics dominating the game.The Japanese women’s dominance was realized in the 25th minute when Riko Ueki headed home a goal.The second half after the adjustment of the Chinese women’s soccer team opened soon to seize the opportunity, Wu Chengshu cushion shot to equalize the score!Since then both sides have no tree, the game came to extra time, Uechi Riko anti offside success, again a header!Women’s football was forced to the wall, the most critical moment captain Wang Shanshan stood out!118 minutes to receive teammates pass the ball, directly do not adjust the shot!Equaliser again!The 2-2 women’s soccer team took the game to penalties.Shoot-out women’s goalkeeper Zhu Yu saves 2 times, Wang Shanshan wins the shoot-out!The Chinese women’s football team miraculously defeated Japan to reach the final of the Asian Women’s Football Cup.Look at the captain and goalkeeper of the women’s football team look at the captain and goalkeeper of the National football team, there is no contrast, there is no harm!The national football team has more attention and benefits than the women’s football team. Every match is broadcast live and they live in luxurious 5-star hotels.Women’s football can only win is the result, the same to Vietnam and Japan, the national football team 2 consecutive humiliation out!Women’s football team more and more brave, high and low heart into the final!Does that mean women’s football doesn’t deserve what it deserves?Not worth broadcasting live in front of the nation?Why do you choose to broadcast the Chinese football team, which hurt the hearts of fans, but not the women’s football team, which created a miracle again?# Chinese Women’s Football #