Jinmu Village, Bobai Town: No slackness in epidemic prevention and control

2022-05-17 0 By

The Chinese people look forward to family reunion during the Spring Festival, when vehicle mobility and gatherings increase, posing new challenges to the epidemic prevention and control situation.Work in bab town hang jin wood village leader Lin Qiao fung, tianjin wood village secretary Jane liang, in tianjin kimura, led by liang hua, first secretary of the residency members of the working party, the village cadres will enhance the political stance, seriously implement the related conference spirit, the governments of the county party committee county government, ZhenWei unremittingly to epidemic prevention and control as the top priority and the first priority to catch fine emphasizing, stick to jobs,We will take the initiative to build a solid defense line for epidemic prevention and control and always protect the safety of the people.In order to improve the villagers’ consciousness of epidemic prevention and control work team members and village cadres, village and household, the vehicle, radio, distributing promotional materials to villagers form of publicity COVID – 19 the harmfulness, the prevention and control of this situation complex, to some degree of culture is not high or elderly villagers, cadres in plain language, personally to explain and publicity, which are having a noticeable impact.Through all-round publicity, the villagers have established a sense of crisis, improved the awareness of prevention and control, changed their ideas, and actively cooperated with the development of relevant work.An important part of the epidemic prevention and control work is screening people returning from Baise and other key areas as well as medium-high risk areas.Lin Qiaoyu, the team leader, Liang Jianhua, the village party secretary, liang Hua, the first secretary led the team members and village cadres from door to door to investigate and understand, do not leak a household, do not leak a person, resolutely defend the external input, build a solid epidemic prevention and control “the first line of defense”.Through comprehensive and meticulous management, the village identified 11 key personnel.After completing the work, the cadres took key monitoring work on the 11 key personnel, requiring them to take nucleic acid tests for three times, and accompanying the medical staff to the village for sampling.At the same time, the policy of centralized isolation and home isolation will be strictly implemented.In addition, the staff members and cadres also regularly measured the temperature of the returnees, checked their travel codes, health codes, information registration and learned about the villagers’ vaccination status.Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes.Jinmu Village, Bobai Town, has made thorough efforts to prevent and control the epidemic, building a solid defense line for people’s lives and safety, and ensuring that the people have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.People first, life first, the village staff members and village cadres said that they will continue to do a good job in the epidemic prevention and control work, and the county cadres together to protect the health and safety of people.(Source: Bobai County Network Association wang Tong)