“I was so stupid, just like my parents said.” I swallowed the pain in my chest

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“I was so stupid, just like my parents said.” I tried to read it, and my chest wrenched with pain. The sarcasm of my parents was like a deep shadow.Many people think of their parents a lot of people will use this skill in the intimate relationship between thought is humor and close to forget no matter how beautiful coat, put on the expression of its kernel or an injury, especially for vulnerable children when their parents like to take their shortcomings when joke, intentionally or not, got time for a long time,Children would get into inferiority complex heart and you are in for their own sense of humor, smart can speak proudly perhaps children already secretly tears even doubt myself, doubt your love for him and many parents this sarcasm, must be more like to speak in front of so the child will hurt more parents have such a move,There is no doubt that they regard their children’s pain as their own source of happiness and in reality, there are many parents like this kind of education, especially some older parents.Because in their heart, always think the child is can’t afford to praise a glory will be high, and even feel complacency so they took it for granted, the child is sometimes knock against, so that they can remain modest, efforts towards a better development in short in their parents’ heart, no matter how unreasonable how their actions have hurt people,They will use the same excuse to these actions rationalization is that “I is for your own good” parents, tend to ignore the fact that is the premise of all relations, is that people want to know how to respect each other, parents and children is the same only you let go of that kind of criticism, high above the shelf, will you be able to equality and children,Open dialogue 02 my house a male relatives, since a child like sarcasm to children, growing up, as long as the children no matter people less people, the relatives of the mouth and habitually scolded the child the child has on junior high school now, each time saw dad is just like the mouse saw the cat, always hide away usually only like my mother and sister,For dad is basically have nothing to say I remember once, we have dinner in his house after dinner, everyone’s seated, the boy is not on the table, but let mom give him see sample bowl with quietly hid in his room at that time, his father said “don’t know oneself sit over, so many guests.You hide is gross? “” slow like a jerk, you see my sister all sit down, don’t know from day to day you do your use of” the child then appoint injustice of flexor sit over the child’s mother in the past, not to let relatives less said two sentences but not for a moment the relatives began children sit partial, it has been carefully the dish vegetables with his presence,Farther didn’t eat meat to the father sarcastic said “no wonder you’re so thin, you look at putting the meat also don’t know what to eat, you said he is stupid” kids very defy spirit, looked up and saw his one eye this bottom relatives more energised, shouted at the “how, you are my, I can’t say you, this is for your own good,” the child also didn’t say anything, just one breath finished eat rice,Just under the table and the relatives and angry said “the child on the mesa, you say me how he had a” as far as I know, the son of the father is very love I remember children were born that day, he repeating a dozen friends, lili is a home from work every day is holding the son close to move bowels to also want to send a ring said, “my son move bowels,Amazing. “But as the child grew up, maybe the child’s personality did not match his expectations, so he became more and more critical of the child and ignored that it was because of his way of teaching that the child did not become the cheerful and confident that he expected.The parents of the world always think that their blows are a “whip” to inspire, but forget that raising a child is not a cart and don’t need us to crack a whip from time to time otherwise, the child will only run counter to your expectations, and finally become more and more distant from you.It’s a process of constantly evaluating themselves and finding themselves and in this process, often the child is constantly reflecting on themselves and figuring out who they really are based on external feedback, right?Hated by others or accepted by others?Is the future bright, or is it doomed to doom?And parents’ evaluation and education, is definitely one of the most important basis so that they find the answers, when a child is always heard their parents evaluation “the child is useless, worthless” “brain not enough use, just like a pig” “how I had such a baby, sin.” at that time, will be low in the child’s heart, they will think “oh, originally I was so stupid,After all, even my parents said, “Once that’s ingrained in the child’s mind, the child will go in the wrong direction and become exactly the person you’re criticizing. A lot of times, the parent is the one who’s holding the child back from being a good person. And some parents,Will not only on one thing criticism dig your child will also lack of error and accumulated “rehash” anytime, anywhere, to prove his criticism is very reasonable and not raise your hand when parents must be “overwhelmed” with the children, let the child take orally the faith they tend to be desperate,The child loses a pencil box today, and the parents label him as a “wastrel”. The child will have a conflict or fight with his classmates tomorrow, and the parents will say, “You will go to prison in the future. I don’t care about you, but the police will take care of you sooner or later.”This fight will directly hurt the child’s mental kernel disrupt their identity, makes them full of stress, confusion, and even threat once the child’s emotional accumulation to a certain extent, they would give up his hard to maintain a good personality and desperate, become the kind of personality you say 4 have a cat, a dog and even a bouquet of flowers, one individual plant grass,At this time we have to careful watering, fertilization so raising children regularly, how can not blood as parents, we must learn to reflect on their learning, and don’t have a problem, just simple rudely pushed all of cause and effect to the child to the child sarcasm, seem to escape his own responsibility, however, I have seen most of the parents, after criticism of children,Will more sad and regret when they hit the children like their second more, real parents has the tutelage, know when emotions to control himself, because he knew that, compared to the sharp knife of sharp language hurt their mouth have a zipper, shut well know timely French famous sculptor rodin said that the world is not lack of beauty,Children but a lack of eyes to find beauty, too, they are not without merits, you just haven’t found parents, don’t always watched a child’s drawbacks, mocking sarcasm to discover the advantages of children, to encourage him, and he don’t allow yourself to become the company, with children all day “hard” just want to know you today with children “can not”,Tomorrow he may have a problem with you, with his own life