Bad news travels fast!25 year old Chinese Super League player cheating, fan: salary limit is the right decision

2022-05-17 0 By

The annual salary of almost every Chinese Super League player in jinyuan football was 10 million yuan, but now the Chinese Football Association has issued a salary limit order that directly reduces their annual salary to 3 million yuan before tax, while Evergrande will directly reduce their annual salary to 600,000 yuan before tax.Recently, another Chinese Super League (CSL) player was caught cheating, and fans once again confirmed that salary limit is the right decision.The 25-year-old player, who plays for Taishan in Shandong Province, has been with his girlfriend for three years and has been planning to get married several times. His girlfriend recently said they were still talking about marriage a few days ago, but she did not expect him to have cheated on him several times.That player was Chen Kerui, who made 16 appearances on loan at Tianjin Tianjin Tigers last season.Professional football players generally don’t read much, but they do earn a lot more per year than many educated people.Previously, many people who were about to become professional football players revealed that there are too many shady scenes in Chinese football, not only on the pitch, but also off the pitch. Players cheating is not news, but a decent person who only wants to play football is regarded as a wonderful thing.Nowadays, many people support the salary limit of the Football Association. There are too many low-skilled players in the Chinese men’s football team, and almost no one can be said to be worth tens of millions of yuan in annual salary, but they have earned tens of millions or even hundreds of millions in the golden Yuan football decade.At present, almost everyone is a luxury car mansion, a few years ago is more money do not know where to spend.Therefore, the salary limit issued by the FOOTBALL Association has also been supported by the majority of football fans. Some football fans said that they should only be paid 3,000 yuan a month, because they do not deserve too much money. They also go out to harm others and disturb the social order with the money.(the way)