A great historical beauty: after the plug was father and son three people took a fancy to, has married with three people

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Since ancient times in China, there have been such sayings as “beauty is a curse” and “a knife on the head of a color word”. In fact, they are just excuses for men’s desire to accuse women to gain a good reputation.There are many beauties in China, and there are four legendary stories of beauties. Legend has it that they have their own legendary stories.Among the four beauties, Wang Zhaojun has the appearance of “falling wild goose”, is the extremely beautiful person of health, there is zhaojun out of the country to spend the border, is a strange woman.The huns that gave her the title of the Han Dynasty greatly spread and brought advanced productive forces to the people in the border areas.Wang Zhaojun, maid-servant of the Han Dynasty, was born in Hubei province in 54 BC.It is said that Wang Zhaojun’s father was an honest farmer who was very old but had no children.One day he went to the temple of Qu Yuan to worship, hoping to have a good boy with skills and loyal to the country.Soon after, Wang Zhong’s wife dreamed of a bright moon coming into her womb. The next day she had wang Qiang.In 38 BC, wang Zhong’s family was in great distress when Emperor Zhao of Yuan chose a maid in the palace. Wang Zhong sent his daughter to the palace and became a maid in the palace.Emperor Yuan of the Han Dynasty wanted to see the appearance of the maids in the palace, so he chose the painter MAO Yanshou as the portrait of the new maids in the palace.In order to show off their beautiful looks, MAO yanshou was heavily bribed, but Wang zhaojun did not bribe.First, Wang Zhaojun’s poor family really had no extra money;Second, she had confidence in her own beauty and did not want to use such a small trick, otherwise she would appear inferior to others.This MAO Yanshou is a painting master, saw not received Wang Zhaojun bribe, in her portrait more than a mole, so that the original beautiful portrait became ordinary, yuan Emperor saw the nature of no interest in summoning.Wang Zhaojun was finally made a common palace maid sweeping the courtyard.Wang zhaojun’s ability to play the lute and her beautiful appearance made the ladies of the court jealous.There was a maid who bribed MAO Yanshou to become emperor Zhaoyi. She hated the beautiful Zhao and wanted Wang Zhaojun to play the pipa for her, so as to humiliate Wang Zhaojun.Although Wang Zhaojun’s family is poor, but proud from a young age, and learned poetry etiquette, is not an ordinary strong woman.Zhao Yi asked her to play, and she naturally knew what this meant and rejected the request without hesitation.That Zhaoyi see humiliation not, then gas to a few zhaojun court rod, let zhaojun hurt quite heavily.During the Yuan Emperor period, the Han Dynasty tian Yi became prosperous and powerful, and the powerful Northern Xiongnu was wiped out by the Han Generals.As early as emperor Xuandi of the Han Dynasty, Huhanxie Shanyu of the Huns, who had surrendered to his minister, presented himself to the Emperor of Han three times with the gift of a vassal, hoping to be the son-in-law of the Emperor of Han and to marry the princess of the Han Dynasty.The Yuan Emperor really did not want to marry maid-in-waiting to the bitter cold land in the north, so he wanted to find maid-in-waiting to marry instead of the princess.He looked for in the palace, good-looking do not want to give, talented too pity, finally found Wang Zhaojun.Here emperor Yuan in Huhanxie shan accompanied by summoned zhaojun, MAO Yanshou there panicked, he seems to have foreseen their end.Zhao Jun came to the temple, Huhanxie single in front of a bright, emperor Yuan looked at the portrait, and then see Zhaojun: finished!Helpless words have been said out, how can easily change?Zhaojun plug is a foregone conclusion.As for the painter named MAO Yanshou, he was abandoned by emperor Yuan of the Han Dynasty.Interestingly, the offspring of zhaojun fill various literary novel scripts will be a change in the han Hungary situation at that time, change the khan to calculate han virgo to bullying or marry a han emperor zhao injustice voluntarily went to the huns in han palace, one of the most famous is one of the four great tragedy yuanqu the deep and remote dream lonely goose han gong qiu, even will be strong to the emperor gold and wang zhaojun married but go to.In addition to the winding drama, Wang qiang zhaojun’s name is also in doubt.The name zhaojun was probably given by emperor Han rather than its original name.Zhaojun is a palace people, far married xiongnu need to have a name will take the “Zhaojun” two words.Zhao, the sun and the moon also.Zhaojun probably means the Emperor of Han shining on xiongnu, and Wang zhaojun is a woman surnamed Wang who represents the Emperor of Han shining on Xiongnu.Therefore, Wang Zhaojun had a high status in xiongnu and was not an ordinary woman who was bullied.In the year of his marriage to Wang Zhaojun, Huhanxie wrote that he was willing to keep the border of Han and Hungary safe forever.Zhaojun out of the plug zhaojun with a veil facing the grassland, the rear is the motherland, this go years DO not know when to return?Probably goodbye for good.Taking off her veil, she paid her last tribute to the motherland, looked at it for the last time, moved her heart for the last time, and played “Pipa Complaint” again, soaring into the sky.The geese on the sky forgot to wave their wings when they saw such a beautiful lute woman and fell on the smooth sand.This is “pingsha falls wild goose”, Wang Zhaojun has since “falls wild goose” name.The huns gave Wang zhaojun the title Ninghuyanzhi. The two huns lived together for three years and gave birth to a son. The huns gave Wang the title “Yourizhuanwang”.Three years later, When Huhanxie died, Wang Zhaojun wrote to the emperors hoping to return to China.Emperor Cheng of han ordered zhaojun to “follow the Hu custom”, that is, to continue living in Xiongnu according to the customs of the Xiongnu people.What customs did the Huns have?Stepmarriage.The hunhunhuns’ eldest son inherited shanyu’s position as Fu Zhuleishanyu, and Wang Zhaojun, the nominally mother of Fu Zhuleishanyu, continued to marry Fu Zhuleishanyu and became his Ninghuyanzhi.They lived on for another eleven years and had two daughters.The huns gave her the huns the huns which gave her the huns the huns which gave her the huns the huns which gave her the huns the huns which gave her the huns the huns which gave her the huns the huns which gave her the huns and the huns which gave her the huns.Two years later, Zhaojun died.From another point of view, zhaojun is the embodiment of the strong national power of the Han dynasty.Shan Yu who succeeded him expressed his willingness to continue to bathe in the glory of the Han house with his own customs.Zhao Jun not only had a strong influence in the Xiongnu, but also had a great reputation in the Han Dynasty.In order to please the Queen mother during the reign of Wang Mang, he ordered zhaojun’s eldest daughter back to the Central Plains to serve the Queen mother, who was pleased by the queen mother.Summary: With the change of times, people’s way of looking at things is also changing. In han Dynasty, it is very valuable to submit to the Heart of xiongnu with a palace maid, while in Ming Dynasty, it is resolutely not to do such a thing.This is not who is right or wrong, but the different values of people in different times.But no matter in which dynasty, Wang Zhaojun’s greatness is no doubt, we should not ignore her greatness because of her beautiful appearance.