A Chinese Malaysian woman died of severe burns after falling into a frying pan

2022-05-17 0 By

A Chinese woman in Penang, Malaysia, died after falling into a hot frying pan at a banana stall due to dizziness, sinchew reported. She suffered severe burns when she was helped up.It is reported that the incident happened at around 3pm on Monday. The deceased is 74-year-old Zhong Bi Crown, who has been selling fried bananas locally for more than 30 years to raise his 3 sons.The victim was living with her family in a local HDB flat when her husband came downstairs to help open the gear when he encountered her.The second son said that after his mother was taken to the hospital, doctors tried to perform CPR on her, although her heart was restored at one point, but the mother died.He said his mother usually drives alone, and his father occasionally comes downstairs to help.”My mother taught me and my elder brother how to fry bananas. My elder brother and I have opened a branch in another place for about a year.”He said he received news of his mother’s accident and rushed home with his brother.He pointed out that his mother’s stall should not continue to operate, because the three brothers have to take care of their father and return to the stall.