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On the afternoon of January 28, the promotion activity of “Shanghai New Year’s Online Shopping Festival 2022” was officially opened at Carrefour Wanli store in Suning District, And the special counter of “Shanghai New Year’s Online Shopping Festival 2022” was also unveiled.To enrich the festival market supply, convenient citizens to purchase quality New Year goods to provide a new characteristic channel.Zhang Bin, deputy commissioner of Kashgar Administrative Office and Deputy commander in chief of Shanghai Yuanjiang Front Headquarters attended the event and delivered a speech. Relevant persons in charge of Shanghai Commerce Commission and Putuo District Commerce Commission participated in the event.In front of the counters in the consumer assistance area of Carrefour Wanli store, there are a wide range of baked delicacies with Xinjiang characteristics and leisure snacks with Western characteristics.According to the staff member introduction, the first batch of special area special cabinet centralized display of the main: grape, Jinfeng Zepu, Xinjiang fruit, jade Jiaoyan and other four brand goods.”The shelves of each special product are hard-won.”Relevant person in charge told reporters, after half a year of market research, training, preliminary selection, trial sales, selection optimization, commodity optimization, market activity guidance and other heavy “checkpoint” after the inspection, just presented the first Batch of Shanghai ka goods excellent product collection.According to reports, the “Shanghai ka superior product plan” is by the Shanghai Commission of Commerce, Shanghai Yuanjiang front headquarters, Shanghai in Xinjiang office, Kashgar regional Commerce bureau launched a Shanghai Yuanjiang consumption help activities, aimed at helping to enhance the level of Kashgar characteristic agricultural products industry and get through the continuous and stable Shanghai ka production and marketing docking market road,To select and cultivate the most kashgar characteristics and quality of authentic Xinjiang cuisine, to provide Shanghai citizens with the experience of “buy authentic Kashgar cuisine with your eyes closed” in the way of brand integration into Shanghai.The activity site is not only of good quality, during the Spring Festival, these featured products also have multiple online and offline promotions, which are very eye-catching.Xinjiang fruit lemon flavor raisins buy two get one, grape milk pastry 20% off promotion, 6-8% discount 99 yuan Huka superior products Yuanjiang New Year’s package, the line is more full gift, discount, agriculture and commerce 118 square store, Suning Carrefour Wanli store also superposition full 59 yuan give the same value brand gift activities and so on.”Xinjiang’s small snacks are loved by all my family, so buying them for the Spring Festival is just the right thing to do, and it can also help poverty alleviation through consumption. Shanghai and Cameroon are one family. This Spring Festival is very warm.”A consumption of anti-poverty counter selection of citizens said.The reporter learned that the quality control of “Huka Excellent product Plan” is very elegant, and the brand selection of deep processing is also excellent in the selection of excellent, full of feelings.In the first batch of Huka Premium products, grape baked delicacies are very popular with consumers.Company chairman Li Akun told reporters: “Shanghai yuanjiang refers to invite us to Kashgar field trip, with the shortest time to help us build a good food central processing plant, docking Shanghai consumers of downstream resources.We do our best to ensure the quality of our products.”The reporter understands, to assure quality, its product abandons the artificial cream that is common inside course of study, insist to choose natural milk fat and cheese, develop with scientific processing technology and become, although cost is high, but defended the beginner’s mind that makes food.Chen Wenjun, the founder of Xinjiang Guoguo counter of Huka superior products, also kept a feeling for quality products.Chen Wenjun, originally a native of Hunan, stayed in Kashgar for more than ten years because of the warmth and kindness of kashgar people. He invested in the research and development of differentiated and unique online celebrity taste snacks to help local people sell xinjiang fruits and melons.”Fruit for gold, is our original intention to keep good product quality in Xinjiang, but also our yuanjiang enterprises a feelings.”Chen Wenjun said.According to reports, from now to February 15 during the Spring Festival, the city’s first five marketing channels, including offline Carrefour Suning, agricultural and industrial supermarkets and online “original life”, “Laiyifan APP”, “A daily tao” and so on, will be synchronized online a series of Xinjiang Kashgar specialty food.Citizens are welcome to purchase through online and offline channels.Reporter: Ding Wanxing editor: Huang Mei Click below to learn more about putuo District during and after the Spring Festival COVID-19 vaccine immunization sites list Yufo Buddhist Temple, Zhenru Temple during the Spring Festival into the temple guide to see this article enough!Will the weather be good in Shanghai during the Spring Festival holiday?Putuo “blue friends” for you “shousui”, the sense of security overflowing!Thank you for not going home for the Spring Festival!