Spring, give children to eat these 8 kinds of high calcium dishes, delicious and easy to make, children love to eat tall

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Spring is the season of things grow, also had a the best period of children, according to that, the spring for 3 to 5 month is the time when children height increases fastest, spring want children grow fast, to eat more “high calcium” food, nutrition absorb easily enough, plus more exercise, early to bed and early to rise, the child is opening up long, below, and share eight dishes and practices “high calcium”,Have the friend that likes hurriedly collect, do for the child to eat.1. Prepare ingredients: prepare 80 grams of dried beancurd, soak in cold water for two hours, do not use hot water, as it is easy to rot, taste bad, cut into sections after soaking.Prepare a green pepper, red pepper half, cut into diamond slices.I’ve got a handful of fungus, it’s pre-soaked.Cut some garlic, onion and ginger slices together.2. Blanch the beancurd and agaric: Put the beancurd in a pot of boiling water and add 4 grams of cooking wine to reduce the beancurd’s beancurd smell. After the water comes to a boil, add the agaric and continue blanching for 30 seconds.3. Start cooking:Burn oil pan, add green onion, ginger, garlic, dried chili stir together into a few pieces and fry the onion flavor, pour a little cooking wine, add a little water, 2 grams of salt, chicken powder, 2 grams, fresh with a little sugar, stir evenly the bean curd stick, black fungus, pour into the pan, add green red pepper, stir to break, finally hook up a water starch, let the ingredients and spices together better,Turn well and then serve. A very simple stir-fried beancurd bamboo is done.Stir-fry milk: prepare 2 boxes of pure milk, pour the pot into the pure milk, first open a large fire to boil the milk, then turn to a small fire hook into the appropriate amount of water starch, water starch to several times a small amount to add, keep stir-fry to prevent milk stick to the pot, boil until the milk is sticky paste can start the pot.Pour the batter into the crisper, cover and refrigerate for 1 hour.After 1 hour, the batter has set. Trim the top of the batter and cut into long, even strips.2. Breadcrumbs: Set aside 100 grams of breadcrumbs.In a small bowl, whisk in egg whites and a little wet starch.Put the sliced milk strips into the egg whites, coat with the egg whites, and then into the breadcrumbs. Coat the breadcrumbs evenly, wrapping the remaining milk strips.3. Start Fried: burn oil pan, fifty percent hot dish up when the oil temperature, the milk bar one by one into the pot, gently shake the bottom of the pot to prevent the paste, keep small fire fry for 2 minutes, milk after finalize the design, gently push let its uniform heat, the milk article Fried crispy, fry until golden brown on the surface, remove to accuse oil a golden crispy crust yogurt is ready.Walnut 1. Prepare ingredients: prepare two chicken legs, remove the skin, the bones inside also pick out, cut into about 1 cm of meat, cut into the water, wash the blood above, so that when eating will not fishy, the chicken out of the dry water standby.Prepare 100 grams of walnuts.Cut some ginger into the cooking machine, pour in a little water, beat ginger water, beat the ginger residue inside the drain out, only ginger juice.Prepare a small pot, put 20 grams of soybean sauce, 10 grams of sugar, 2 grams of chicken powder, 1 gram of pepper, pour in the right amount of ginger juice to open the seasoning.2 the chicken pickle: add salt 2 grams, a little sugar to fresh, pepper 1 grams, light soy sauce 5 grams, hand mix evenly to chicken code flavor, pour into some ginger juice, catch the pickle for 10 minutes, ginger juice can not only increase the fresh to fishy, but also make the meat more tender.After the chicken is marinated, add half the egg white and mix well. The egg white can make the chicken taste more smooth and tender. Grab a small handful of starch and let the starch evenly wrap around the chicken and lock in the moisture.3 the chicken, walnuts fried: pot burning oil, oil temperature 30 hot, the walnuts into the spider immersed in the oil pot inside, the walnuts in the water fried out, walnuts fried dry, fried incense out after oil control.Add the chicken to the pan and quickly spread it with a spoon to heat the chicken evenly. Slide the oil for about 30 seconds. When the chicken is golden brown, it can be taken out of the pan to control the oil.: 4. Start cooking pot put a little oil, pour into tuned bowl, add the right amount of ginger juice, a small fire boil for a while, the cook, cook until thick foam material juice, pour diced chicken and walnuts, quick stir to make juice even wrapped in ingredients above, then pour into a little MingYou carry bright colour and lustre, would have been out of the pot, a very great sauce bao is ready.1. Prepare ingredients: Prepare 500 grams of pork belly, remove skin, change knife into even thin slices.Prepare a few mushrooms, remove the roots, slice.Prepare a few millet and string peppers and cut them into sections with a diagonal knife.Slice onion, garlic, ginger and scallion.2. Put the meat slices into a smooth boil: boil water in the pot, add 5 grams of cooking wine to get rid of the fishy taste, add a little salt to the base taste, put the meat slices into the pot quickly stir, after the water comes to a boil, beat the floating foam in the pot, blanch for about 2 minutes, pour the meat slices out after turning white, rinse with water, control the water and reserve.The pot to boil water, add a little vegetable oil and salt, salt into the bottom, prevent loss of nutrients in mushroom and vegetable oils, water to boil after the mushrooms in the pan, fast for 30 seconds, mushroom and become soft and slightly bright on the surface, pour rinse with cool water a few times, water control standby, mushroom and blanch time not too long, avoid the loss of freshness.3. Start cooking: Heat oil in the wok and add cool oil after the wok is fully smooth. The hot oil will not stick to the wok when frying the slices of meat with cool oil.Into a green, red pepper segment to pour mushroom quickly stir evenly, add salt 2 grams, chicken 1 g, fresh with a little sugar, cooking wine 5 grams to xing, stir sauce open to food flavor, then sprinkle in a little white sesame, pour into a little MingYou carry bright colour and lustre, quick stir evenly, add in shredded onion saute until broken can be born out of the pot, a simple homely mushroom dishes of meat is ready.1. Prepare: Prepare two tomatoes, cut them with a cross knife, and blanch them in boiling water. After blanching the skin, let it cool slightly, peel off the skin and cut them into small pieces.Prepare four or five eggs, put them into a bowl, add 2 grams of salt into the base flavor, a little water to increase the tenderness of the eggs, prevent the eggs from sticking to the pan, stir evenly and hit bubbles.Cut some scallions and set aside.2. Fry the eggs: heat the pot, add the vegetable oil to the pan, pour out the hot oil and add the cold oil, the oil temperature is 60% hot into the egg liquid, eggs all shaped with a stir fry, immediately pour out, remember not to fry for a long time, easy to fry the eggs old.: 3. Start cooking pot put a little oil, pour tomato, adding suitable amount of sugar, soy sauce, a medium fry tomato juice, pour in the egg to absorb liquid flavor, finally turn off the heat, add a little salt, sprinkle with scallions, using the keypad to saute the chopped green onion, then pour into a little MingYou, a sour and sweet and delicious scrambled egg with tomato.Carrot 1. Prepare: Prepare a carrot, thinly sliced and thinly sliced.Prepare a radish root, also cut into fine pieces, respectively into the bowl, add the right amount of salt with the hand grasp, pickled for 10 minutes to kill the radish in the water.Prepare a small piece of pork belly, cut into small pieces.Chop some ginger and put it with the meat.Set aside some green beans.2. Make the balls: The pickled radish shreds become very soft, take out a small pinch in the palm of your hand, squeeze out the water inside, glue the starch several times, roll into smooth small balls, make the same size balls for later use.3. Fry the balls: heat the oil in the pot, add the good radish balls to the ball when the oil is 50% hot, turn on a small fire and fry them slowly until the balls are set. When the balls are crisp and golden brown, take them out to control the oil.Step 4 Start cooking:Purpose of the oil pan, pour into meat and sharp, open fire fanned out in the fat inside, after the smell of meat into the green peas, stir a few times in just the right amount of water along the soup, cooked beans to open fire, add chicken 2 grams, salt 2 grams, add Fried balls turn small simmer for a while, broth is finishing can out of the pot dry, crisp outside a soft radish balls is ready.1. Prepare: Prepare a tender piece of tofu, cut into even pieces and set aside.Break two eggs into a bowl and add a spoonful of starch to increase the consistency of the egg mixture. Stir well with chopsticks and set aside.Pour the egg over the tofu cubes and coat them so they don’t break when you fry them.Chop some garlic and set aside.2. Sauce: Prepare a small basin, put in half a tablespoon of water, add 10 grams of light soy sauce, 5 grams of oyster sauce, a tablespoon of sugar to freshen up, stir well and set aside.3. Fried tofu: the pot to burn oil, fully slippery after pot cooling oil poured hot oil, hot pot cool oil can prevent stick pan Fried tofu, paving the tofu into the pan, heat is more uniform, so keep slowly fry over low heat, one side Fried finalize the design after turn it over to fry the other side, make tofu evenly heat, pan-fried about 5 minutes, pan-fry tofu when standby poured out.4. Start cooking, the pot to burn oil, add in garlic stir fry the garlic smell, bowl, pour into prepared material juice to boil after good Fried tofu in the pan, turn a small fire to simmer for 2 minutes, tofu to absorb the liquid flavor, the hook into the water starch, make soup better adsorption on the bean curd, then sprinkle with chopped green onion, a fresh nourishing Fried tofu is ready.Fish 1. Prepare food materials: prepare a crucian carp, which has been slaughtered in advance. Rinse the fish inside and out.Cut some onion slices, ginger slices and coriander slices.2. Fry the fish:Burn oil pan, fully after sliding pot, add some cool oil poured hot oil, this step is to prevent the carp stick pan, the oil temperature fifty percent when hot add onion ginger until fragrant, put crucian carp in the pot, be sure to keep the body dry, otherwise the skin easy to stick breakage, drive slowly fry over low heat, a shape then gently, pan-fried mainly is to give the fish added grease,Cook for about 3 minutes. When the fish is golden brown on both sides, remove.3. Start cooking:Put the fish in the crock pot boiling, open fire stew, fire can fully stew out of the fish protein, so that fish soup is more full-bodied fragrance, fire, dashi creamy white, add a little salt and pepper to taste, don’t put MSG or chicken essence, lest affect fish soup itself, out of the pot before into the parsley, pour into the sesame sesame oil.A creamy white fish soup with fresh meat is ready.First food: Summer editor