Safe guard | luo river traffic police “to” did it, by netizens “exposure”!

2022-05-16 0 By

Recently, some netizens in douyin platform @Wuyang traffic police, remind Wuyang traffic police to check a video.After viewing the video just know, originally wuyang county public Security Bureau traffic police brigade two auxiliary police “hands” to do good, was exposed by netizens!Xiaobian has a detailed understanding of what happened, “Amway” for everyone, together arouse our positive energy.”Traffic police comrade, my child at home to play fell head, flow a lot of blood, you help me open the way to send to the hospital.”At 12:50 on February 9, traffic police brigade auxiliary police Niu Hengjun, Cui Junwei are wuyang County Mengzhai Highway mouth on duty, a man from the car down urgently to them for help.The situation is urgent, after understanding the situation, Niu Hengjun, Cui Junwei immediately reported to the brigade leadership, brigade leadership immediately arranged two people driving police car, sirens, lights up the emergency way to escort the medical vehicle to the hospital.”What child is not a god at home?The injured children are really distressed, in the guarantee of safety, we try to be as quick as possible, and then a little faster, so that the children get timely treatment, safe!”Along the way, Niu Hengjun, Cui Junwei’s heart mentioned the throat, on the way to contact the Wuyang city police on duty, to ensure smooth traffic in the city, choose the best route.Siren sound, police car roaring forward, followed by the medical vehicle, Niu Hengjun, Cui Junwei with the car horn to remind the front of the vehicle to avoid the voice all the way.Originally 20 minutes of journey, two people only 8 minutes will be sick children escorted to Wuyang County people’s Hospital, for the children to get timely treatment to win precious time!It is understood that the injured child is no longer in serious condition.Coordination: Yin Guanghua Editor: Haihong Review: Zhang Qingwei