Plans to stop all operations!Hundreds of millions of users

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Any parent of a cute baby will have heard of Babybus, a brand of digital products for children’s education. On its APP, toddlers can learn nursery rhymes, listen to ancient Chinese poems and play mini-games.However, a recent announcement by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission that “all educational apps for pre-school children’s training will be suspended” has sparked public speculation that the baby bus will be removed from the shelves due to its pre-school training properties.In order to implement the requirements of “double reduction” and promote the orderly and healthy development of educational apps, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education issued a draft for consultation on Tuesday.A Notice on Further Completing the Filing and Management of Mobile Internet Applications for Education (Draft for Comments) has been drafted, which is open to the public for comments from now until February 22.The draft involves all kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools and high schools in Beijing. For “non-primary and secondary disciplinary training education mobile apps”, it is clear that all education apps for preschool children training will be suspended.Baby bus has attracted attention. The news that the APP involves hundreds of millions of users has drawn attention to the baby bus, which is designed to provide online content for young and young people.According to the official introduction of Baobao Bus, it is an original brand dedicated to creating digital products for children’s enlightenment, serving 500 million family users around the world, providing free digital content for children and customized series of content products such as “good to listen” (Traditional Chinese story), “good to look” (children’s song animation), and “fun” (interactive APP).As the business does not involve subject training, such as paid courses, one-to-one and online courses, baby bus has hardly been affected by the “double reduction” policy.The education APP for preschool children has attracted public attention after the draft was issued by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission.Because of the selling point of “free use”, Baby Bus has accumulated popularity among young families. The company has developed more than 100 apps and launched versions in more than 10 languages around the world.Downloads of Baobao Supermarket and Baobao Bus Wonder House have both exceeded 100 million.Despite its popularity, there are still some problems. In the comments section of the software, there are many negative feedbacks. One is that too many advertisements make children click on the consumption page frequently when using the software, and the other is that some parents say their children are addicted to the game.The reporter noticed in the APP’s children’s songs, games and other pages that there was always a patch advertisement flashing above the video.Parents: Family education needs support, and we hope to retain it reasonably. In the interview, the reporter found that many families have been in contact with baby bus, and parents approve of its content. The advertisements and games involved in the APP can be regulated, but it is a pity if all the content is removed.Some younger parents said that children only listen to audio content, this software is rich and diverse resources, to help family education.Two shirble mama said ms ho, not baby bus heavy users, but played to the child with music by a third party software nursery rhymes, she thinks playing children’s songs, do not say to go up “training” at most belong to the “ears” grinding: “enlightenment and training should distinguish, advanced education education training should not be allowed to spoil things by excessive enthusiasm, enlightenment education or to keep reasonable.”Some parents have raised the possibility that not only the baby bus, but also enlightenment and early education apps such as Children’s Geduo, Xiaopanlong and Qiaohu will be removed from the shelves.According to the reporter to understand this kind of software users, at present, software and courses are still in normal use, for.Before the press, the reporter called Baobao Bus for an interview on relevant issues, the other party said that it has not received notice from relevant departments, and explained that Baobao bus is not an exam-oriented education and training product, the content is based on the principle of “happy enlightenment”, if the country has relevant requirements related to the product content, will follow the policies and regulations.