Jiangsu Huaian Hongze power supply: braving snow special patrol grid escort power supply

2022-05-16 0 By

February 8 – In order to ensure reliable power supply for residents and enterprises, Zhang Xiaochi and Gong Jie, members of the Communist Party service team of State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Huaian Hongze District Power Supply Company, carried out special inspection and temperature measurement of main transformer and important equipment in the wind and snow.At the same time, other service team members in other substations and urban and rural transmission and distribution lines for special inspection.According to the weather forecast, hongze district in the recent continuous wind, rain, snow weather, with the cooling to power supply line equipment safety operation test.In order to ensure the safety of power supply, the company made careful arrangements and actively responded, organizing the Communist Party Service team and young commandos to carry out special Tours during and after snow, strengthening the inspection of key lines, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the power grid in the case of bad weather, and ensuring that enterprises resuming work and production have no trouble in using electricity.During the special tour, the inspectors of the company braving the snow and ice to check the situation of the line covered with snow and ice, especially whether the insulator in the area vulnerable to external damage is dirty and flashedness, and whether the connection point of the line equipment is firm, so as to prevent the uneven force caused by snow and ice.For part of the line is located in the lake district, tidal flats, the field and the cold weather, slippery difficult line, inspector bear responsibility, carefully check each part tower, every one wire and a transformer, timely record run data, collecting tower line running after a information, timely eliminate defects found in patrol, solid special power supply work under the weather.In addition, the service team sets up an emergency repair team to prepare emergency vehicles, spare parts and other emergency supplies for emergency repair to ensure the safe operation of line equipment.(Author: Xu Liangjun, Shao Kuan)