“Eat chicken” 9983 game only 1 elimination?After seeing his position, give a thumbs-up

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Welcome to the “Elite Class” of Peace Elite taught by Tiengo. Unconsciously, this game has been with us for more than 4 years.Over the course of several iterations, the gameplay has changed dramatically.Even many of the “titles” that are closely related to the gameplay are constantly changing as the version is updated, bringing one new record after another.Remember during peace Elite’s beta S1, we used to refer to players who liked to crawl in the bushes as “Voldemort” and scoff at the idea that a good player should “shoot” instead of lying on the ground and hiding.With updated version iteration, however, after the game skills gradually enhanced, such “voldemort” players to develop more skill, known as “if”, and so now created a “old” 6 ~ usually, want to be a qualified “old 6” players, not only need to calm calm, but also to tolerance for solitude, know waiting for him,Collocation and grassland, and the scene more close to the skin, and often, in the form of the enemy intending to appear suddenly, in the form of a “suddenly” opponent off-guard, so players can call qualified “old” 6 ~ as for advanced, top player, a great god “old 6”, beyond the imagination of many players,The impression of “impossible” into “reality”, is to break one new record after another.Player played 9983 games 1 elimination?Don’t jeer, he has broken a new record!Recently, there was a player who could be called “the ultimate version of old 6”, which made many friends stunned.As you can see, the main view player does not quit the game immediately after being defeated, but instead chooses to “watch the opponent”.This was an eye-opener. This opponent had played 9929 games in SS17, but had only eliminated 1 player.To top it all off, he managed to maintain a 100% top-10 rating and earned a “double Ace” slot in both single-player and four-player modes, which gave him a thumbs up.May see such a victory, there will be players feel that this may be the “P map” spoof, after all, how can there be players, can have such perseverance?He has maintained a new record of 0KD for 8 consecutive seasons.In order to prove the existence of the “ultimate old 6”, Tian Ge went to the game to check through the “friend system”, only to find that the player who kept 100% of the top 10 rate not only exists, but now has a new change of battle.As shown, though only one, this has become the 9983 games, however, still keep the rate of 100% of the top ten, eye-opening ~ so the players from the Q zone, and is not a “P”, but the real “ultimate old 6” ~ it is worth mentioning, attentive day elder brother specially looked at his previous season,Just discover this player to exceed imagination really, he from SS10 season up to now, the KD of every season is 0, eliminate a number or be 1, or be 0~ in other words, his this kind of game play, already held to at least 8 seasons of long.Of course, previous seasons didn’t have that many games; most were hundreds.As for how he did it, naturally it is the familiar “vacation island”, with the advantages of small map area and small team, in order to break through such a new record in the way of “old 6”.However, in short, the player was indeed “the ultimate old 6”, his game also let people deeply admire, can keep dry 0 kd, and the rate of 100% of the top ten, the elder brother of the day can only take orally the ~ well, above is the elite peace the entire content of the “elite” small class, thank you for your reading, then we see comments section ~ PS:Don’t forget to “like” your post so that more people will see you in the comments section.