Changde carries out law enforcement inspection of water transport terminals during Spring Festival

2022-05-16 0 By

Still a network (reporter Hu Qiuju correspondent Li Tao Zhang Haiqing) recently, the city transportation comprehensive administrative law enforcement detachment of law enforcement personnel respectively on the waterway Spring Festival and epidemic prevention and control work, dangerous cargo terminal, coal terminal and other port key areas to carry out law enforcement inspection.Law enforcement officers have inspected the construction area of high-speed railway bridge, temporary berthing area of dangerous vessels, deshan thousand-ton wharf area and other key waters in their jurisdiction, mainly checking the certificates and documents of berthing vessels, personnel on duty, ship signal display, fire-fighting and life-saving facilities and equipment, and berthing positions.Ships are required to raise their risk awareness, ensure their seaworthiness and crew fitness, and illegal navigation and operations are strictly prohibited.Conscientiously perform the duties of the crew, overcome paralysis and lax thinking, strengthen the duty on duty.We will strictly implement epidemic prevention and control requirements, strictly prevent imported cases and protect ourselves to ensure that epidemic prevention and control work is implemented during the Spring Festival travel rush.Law enforcement personnel remind enterprises to do a good job during the Spring Festival travel rush on duty, timely pay attention to the weather and water level changes, do a good job in response to low temperature rain and snow frozen weather, to ensure the safety of operations.