What are the characteristics of autumn rain

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Autumn rain is cool, floating and not aspersed, cold and not cold characteristics.Autumn rains are the harbinger of a bumper harvest, watering ripe crops so that farmers can reap a bumper harvest.But autumn rain also can give a person a kind of sad feeling, because all things in autumn sleep, depression in eyes, touch the scene and hair, feel sad.Autumn, a harvest season.Rice and sorghum have been grain warehouse, you can imagine the joy of farmers friends after the harvest;At this point, also sowing the next year’s hope, an autumn rain just wake up the sleeping wheat seedlings, call up to absorb some nutrition, a “pillow steamed bread sleep” the scene emerged in my mind.Once fantasized the so-called is always longing for the quiet indifference: can “hold your hand, and son xielao”, view the horizon yunjuanyunshu;Can “pick chrysanthemum under the east hedge, leisurely see Nanshan”, enjoy rural quiet leisurely at will;Can be “willing to drink with neighbors, draw out the rest of the cup through the fence”, laughing about the life of all kinds of mixed;Can “tree village edge, castle peak outside the inclined”, bath in the world clean beauty;The peace of longing seemed to come into sight at that moment.The autumn sky, like I think your mood as blue, intermittent rain underground.Through the rain curtain, staring at the dusty sky, there seems to be hiding I think you are not sad, thoughts are no longer quiet, when you go is this season of rainy days.Do not remember how many flowers, do not remember how many degrees of wind and rain, only remember the rainy day of this season is a day worthy of worship.Every time this season, I will think of you, which has a touch of sadness, also have filar silk bitter, also have some maternal love warm.Autumn rain, is a mood of years, disappointed, lonely.Rustling rain, as if time a telling, gentle, affectionate.In the heart of each of us, there is a tear autumn rain.Rain, is a piece of memory open in the heart, unhurried, blossom out of the old feelings.Distant time, warm and beautiful picture, infected with a thin chill, infected with the beauty of sadness.