25 days contrast 35 days to come menstruation woman, have what distinction?Is the aging rate affected?

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As we all know, menstruation is a female friend gynecological health barometer, there is a regular periodicity.If monthly menstrual volume is consistent, at the same time the cycle is stable, indicating that the uterus is very healthy.However, in life, many female friends are quite special, and their menstrual cycle is quite different from ordinary people. Some of them are as long as 30 days, while others are as short as 20 days, which is confusing.So the question is, what’s the difference?25 days contrast 35 days to come menstruation woman, have what distinction?– Follicular maturation rate varies with the length of the menstrual cycle by the body’s ovarian estrogen, pituitary, hypothalamus and other parts of the coordination to complete.In order to maintain a normal menstrual cycle, these three areas must be functioning properly to stimulate the production of estrogen and follicle production.Short menstrual cycle, rapid maturation, high frequency of endometrial thickening, on the contrary, lead to prolonged menstrual cycle.– The accurate occurrence of different menstrual patterns in fertility probability means that women are fertile and have the function of giving birth to new life, which indirectly indicates that the uterus and ovaries are mature.In order to develop new life, the most important is the egg of a woman every month to release one or two eggs, if not fertilized, apoptosis, and then periodically shed the lining to form menstruation.Menstrual cycle 35 days, basic 1~2 months to discharge 1~2 eggs, and menstrual cycle 25 days, every month will discharge 1~2 eggs, the latter has a high probability of conception, the probability of birth is different.However, the latter is more dangerous because the quality of eggs is affected by the degree of ovulation with age.Menstrual cycle is different, aging speed affected?Exclude genetic gene, environmental food and his factor influence, menstrual cycle short female menopause or can arrive ahead of schedule, if do not want menopause too early, must want to notice recuperation caress healthy body.If the past menstrual cycle is too long and too short, the phenomenon of delayed advance needs to be paid attention to deliberately, because the long cycle represents the hormone secretion content in the body is relatively more, and the speed of aging will slow down.However, the degree of female aging can not solely rely on menstruation to decide a lot of women 45 years old menopause, but pay more attention to life because of maintenance and exercise, the overall state is very good, looks like young people.Even if 55 years old crystallization, but if wantonly indulgent, long-term overnight stay up, do not pay attention to appearance weight, nursing aging state is obvious, perhaps more than 60 years of people show old.Female menstruation, it is recommended to eat the following kinds of food 1, agaric agaric in the fungus book as high content, traditional medicine thinks that agaric stomach warm liver can complement qi and blood strong intelligence at the same time nourishing lungs, blood circulation hemostasis, but also effectively supplement the hormone content of secondary sexual characteristics, play a detoxification role during menstruation.Female menstruation can be appropriate intake of black food, such as sesame, fungus, kelp and so on.2, red beans red beans alias red beans, ancient lovers of missing each other love in the middle, but through clinical research to discover its nourishing effect.Blood loss during menstruation, or will induce anemia, can drink a bowl of red bean soup, red bean sand, can effectively supplement human plasma protein, calcium elements, iron elements, potassium and other absorption, blood beauty, nourishing beauty.Pig blood pig blood is called liquid meat, rich in nutrition, is one of the blood tonic foods respected by traditional medicine, its high iron content, can treat iron deficiency anemia on the human body in the form of heme iron absorption and utilization, can repair, due to blood loss caused by anemia during the period of qi and blood deficit.4, warm water water is the source of all things, drink warm water during the period, can promote blood circulation, help toxins out of the body.But need to pay attention to drink warm water, at the same time to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, accelerate excretion, reduce pelvic congestion fluid, unit dietary fiber vegetables to ensure balanced intake of nutrition.5. Brown sugar and brown sugar are warm, sweet and go through the spleen. It is recorded in compendium of Materia Medica that brown sugar can enrich blood circulation and go out of a group, so as to achieve the function of excreting lochia.Drinking brown sugar water during menstruation can recover qi and blood, promote toxin discharge and speed up blood circulation.What thing should notice during menstruation?Pay attention to keep warm: during menstruation, the uterus is in a state of congestion, if small abdomen accumulates moisture, easy to cause endometrium to fall off to delay, likely to cause menstruation quantity to increase, likely to appear dysmenorrhea abdomen drop pain, bleeding amount to reduce the situation.Must notice heat preservation during menstruation, conditional can take belt heat compress waist abdomen, catch huoxue to change stasis, improve toxin eduction efficiency.Pay attention to hygiene: during menstruation, also want to clean the private parts, as far as possible not to take as cultivation, because the cervical opening during menstruation, easy to lead to bacterial toxins, microorganisms and other pollutants into a series of endometrial inflammation.Shower is recommended to keep private parts clean.Do not exercise vigorously: excessive exercise during the period may cause dysmenorrhea, lower abdominal discomfort, and increased falling pain.Don’t do core exercises, sit-ups, etc., during your period.Attention to rest: women during menstruation immunity decline, poor resistance to the virus, so we must pay attention to work and rest, rest, relieve dysmenorrhea bring discomfort.Guide to Summer Regimen