“Write the end of the story on the title Page,” the truth of the play double murder mystery of the murderer

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Need to recheck please private letter xiaobian, xiaobian see the first time to reply to you oh.Story type: Reasoning, reduction, Emotion Standard Number: 6 players +DM1 Person Evaluation Time: 4-5h Evaluation score: Emotion ⭐️⭐ ⭐ ⭐️ restore disk ️⭐ nominee ️ lol ️ background: In the classroom of City 2 Middle School, the boys and girls wearing blue and white school uniforms are reading the text aloud.The girl with the high ponytail looked at the empty seat in the distance from time to time, feeling lost.In her drawer lay a black coat.Hot little restaurant down the street.The man and the girl looked at each other in silence.The girl held the bloody knife.Red eyes and trembling, the man’s mouth dropped.Half smile, half smile.Moments later, the men shuffle to the door and put up the “Closed” sign.Inside an upscale neighborhood, a man smiles as he hands his wife an expensive makeup kit and sits down to a delicious meal.Late at night, after staring at the empty walls for a long time, he suddenly rushed into the toilet and vomited frantically until he went limp.In the brightly lit ballroom, girls in colorful dresses dance.The bald man expertly picked up a bottle of wine from the bar and winked at the darkness.He stepped forward and patted a thin man on the shoulder as he fiddled absentmindedly with his wallet.Shove the shower into his hand.The thin man understood, picked up the drink and went into the room, not noticing the corner of his white photograph that was exposed between the cracks in his rapidly folded wallet.Script highlights: as the first car to play in the Changsha exhibition, it is one of the few hard-core plays hosted by the original.The author uses fairy tales to lead us to the characters.For a hardcore game, there are really complicated character lines.But the overall story atmosphere is a joy to, will not let everyone hit a headache, but is smiling smile on the plate.The emotional part of the title page isn’t a snap, and it naturally doesn’t feel like a hard-core book imposing emotion.The final reversal is even more scalp tingling!Personally, I think this book is really not difficult, suitable for all ages.Suitable for hardcore bulldozer play is also suitable for the script MOE new, all depends on the DM field control ability.The interpretation of the book is not difficult, but also the climax of the script.It makes you feel good to finish the title page, and I had a special feeling of relief when I finished.Finally kua with our DM, southeast branch jingjing.Super patient little sister, in order to let us more clear relationship line, write all over the board.And he kept teasing us, keeping us in the zone.”The greatest writers will write the end of the story in the title page.” Just looking at the name will make people mistake it for an emotional book, I did not expect that the core is a core book, hard cry by the script at the same time was moved to cry by the story.The whole process experience is very interesting, not boring, will not feel dry, to the back of the plate more and more spirit.The text reading volume is quite large, but the processing of the text and the story is very smooth and delicate, so THAT I have a sense of sight in reading prose, every sentence is very feeling.Detail foreshadowing is very much, go back to read have new discovery, the writing kung fu super great!Every twist and foreshadowing is close to the theme, and the final immersion section pushes the plot to its climax.Writing the end of the story on the title page of the script is a shock, both in terms of difficulty and experience.Recommended Index ⭐️⭐ ⭐️⭐️