Where did Guan Yu’s five hundred school swordsmen come from?What about combat effectiveness?How did it end?

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Under an outstanding general, there are basically a number of outstanding troops.For example, in the period of The Three Kingdoms, the tiger and Leopard battalion under Cao Chun, the selected camp under Gao Shun, and the Yue Family army under Yue Fei were all very capable soldiers.So as the “martial sage” of Guan Yu, under what kind of sergeants?Five hundred school cutters.So where do these 500 school cutters come from?What about combat effectiveness?And how did it end?Today we’re going to analyze it briefly.Guan Yu’s five hundred school dao Men, guan Yu’s five hundred school dao men, often appear in the romance.Guan Yu appeared in Huarong Road at the command of Zhuge Liang to stop Cao Cao.”Romance of The Three Kingdoms” description: before he finished his speech, a gun rang out, five hundred school sword hands on both sides of the swing, general Guan Yu picked up qinglongdao, straddling red rabbit horse, blocking the way.At this time, Cao Cao had just been defeated at the Battle of Red Cliff. He escaped in huarong Road, but was intercepted by Guan Yu.Although Cao Cao was defeated, the number of tens of thousands of soldiers under his command should not be a problem. After all, At that time, Cao Cao launched the Battle of Red Cliff, which was known as 800,000 troops, while Guan Yu only had 500 men. How did Cao Cao react to the 500 men?The soul of the dead is afraid.It can be seen that the fighting ability of these 500 school swords is extraordinary.When Guan Yu fought Changsha, guan Yu’s five hundred school sword fighters appeared again.”Romance of The Three Kingdoms” description: Guan mou does not need to use 3,000 troops, only the headquarters of the five hundred elite sword, decided to cut off Huang Zhong, Han Xuan first, to his army.At that time, Han Xuan was in charge of Changsha and there was general Huang Zhong under his command. Zhuge Liang advised Guan Yu to be more careful and take as many soldiers as possible. Guan Yu was full of confidence and only had 500 swords with him.At the time of the meeting, the mystery of the five hundred school knives was unveiled.”Romance of The Three Kingdoms” description: the ship approached the shore, saw cloud long green scarf green robe, sitting on the ship, beside Zhou Cang holding a broadsword, eight or nine kansai big han, each across the waist sword.The “will” for guan yu is very dangerous, so the guan yu hides five hundred soldiers in the ship in advance, follow the guan yu meeting, following is guan yu zhou cang and eight or nine kansai big fellow, zhou cang is needless to say, can be said to be the fan of guan yu’s little brother, so this a few kansai fellow can say is that five hundred school knife hand of small head, because zhou cang is standard of kansai fellow.Generally speaking, Guan Yu’s five hundred school swords are very trusted, and his fighting ability is also very strong.The beginning and end of the five hundred Schoolcutters Since the five hundred schoolcutters have been appearing in the romance, where did the five hundred schoolcutters come from?Before the Battle of Red Cliff, Guan Yu already had a school of swords, so he could only speak from Jingzhou and Xuzhou, where Guan Yu had the opportunity to recruit his own soldiers and horses. However, Liu Bei at this time was more humane and righteous, because under the shelter of others, Liu Bei did not need to expand his power, and guan Yu’s personality certainly did not.So these sergeants, they’re probably from Woniushan.When Guan Yu was passing through the five passes and killing six generals, he met Zhou Cang.After Zhou Cang helped Guan Yu reach the ancient city, Guan and Zhang would make peace with each other. Guan Yu wanted to take Liu Bei to the ancient city, but after killing Yuan Shao’s generals Yan Liang and Wen Chou, Zhang Fei’s troops still had to defend the ancient city. Guan Yu remembered Zhou Cang’s troops at The Mount of Wuniu, whose ma Gang was about 500.”Romance of The Three Kingdoms” description: then called Zhou Cang and asked: “How many troops are there at Pei Yuan shao’s place on Mount Woliu?Cang said, “About four or five hundred.”In this way, guan Yu’s five hundred school dao masters probably came from this.At this time, Though Woniu Mountain was occupied by Zhao Yun, Zhao Yun did not want to be the king of the mountain. He was also looking for Liu Bei.So these people had to follow Zhou Cang, whose boss was Guan Yu.So what happens to these people?After Guan Yu was ordered to defend Jingzhou, these people were still in Jingzhou, as can be seen from the “single-sword meeting”. Therefore, guan Yu must have gone to the front when he launched the war of Xiangfan.Guan Yu was defeated in the battle of Xiangfan. Judging from the romance, there were several people following Guan Yu at the time of his defeat. Did these people abandon Guan Yu?When Guan Yu arrived in Maicheng, he had only 300 men under his command.”Romance of The Three Kingdoms” description: Now, Guan Gong was in Maicheng, mustering a cavalry army, leaving more than 300 men.It can be seen that when guan Yu arrived at Maicheng, two hundred soldiers had been killed. Guan Yu divided the three hundred into two groups and led two hundred troops to break through the siege, while Wang Fu led one hundred troops to stay behind.After guan Yu had marched 20 li towards Linzhu, he met an ambush from Wu. Guan Yu knew that he was outnumbered and broke out of the siege in a hurry. After breaking through the siege, there were only about ten men with Guan Yu.”Romance of The Three Kingdoms” describes: Guan Ping was overwhelmed with grief and panic, so he ordered Guan Ping to terminate his reign, and gong was free to open the way, with more than ten people remaining.Before long, Ma Zhong ambushed guan and his son, killing guan Yu’s soldiers as well.At this time of 500 school sword, there are still 100 people left in Maicheng.Wu Jun, with the heads of Guan and his son, came to surrender Wang Fu, Zhou Cang and others, the two hearts are very sad, do not want to surrender.Wang Fu chose to fall into the city, Zhou Cang committed suicide and died, the remaining soldiers are not suicide or fight and die, so far 500 school sword hands, all killed.To sum up, guan Yu’s five hundred swordsmen probably came from Wuniu Mountain, because zhou Cang was loyal to Guan Yu, and they were also loyal to Guan Yu. They all died in the battle, which was not worth guan Yu’s lifetime of valuing love and justice and treating his soldiers well.Welcome to pay attention to, laugh at the history of wind, feel the charm of the ancients