Urban Management Bureau of high-tech Zone legal publicity season activities to build a citizen’s heart bridge

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“Today’s activity is particularly good, not only let us know the knowledge about illegal construction, but also systematically understand the law enforcement process of urban management, and better understand the difficulty of their work, especially the MG on site impressed me very much, I hope this activity will continue.”On February 18, Zhang Xiaojuan, owner representative of shuanglong Original community in Longhu, Xi ‘an, admitted that the whole “legal publicity season” had broken her stereotype of chengguan.To enhance the level of xi ‘an high-tech zone city of fine management and create more livable and comfortable living space, ecological space more green wisdom of “high quality”, February 18, high-tech zone city administration held “law-abiding citizens don’t neo-treasure hill education method into the hearts and minds – xi ‘an high-tech zone the franco-prussian propaganda season into the community activities of law”, invited citizens came to the event,We will actively discuss illegal construction issues that are of concern to the public, so that more citizens can understand, participate in, support and supervise urban management and law enforcement, and open up the last mile for urban management to serve the public.Urban management is related to all aspects of citizens’ lives. With the rapid development of social economy, the refinement of urban management is advancing with The Times, making breakthroughs and innovations in improving urban quality and solving urban management law enforcement problems.To boost government under the rule of law construction, enhance the level of xi ‘an high-tech zone city of fine management and administration of city high-tech zone around the “new neo-treasure hill got strict controls stock the neo-treasure hill comprehensive governance, planning and order effective optimization” goal, take “should have already, also want to have temperature” law enforcement strategy, elaborate organization, strengthen measures, discharge from the source control illegal construction,Constantly improve the quality of urban appearance, reduce security risks, purify urban space.At the scene of the activity, lifelike chengguan law enforcement cartoon characters are vividly explaining the knowledge of illegal construction for everyone, and common types of illegal construction have also greeted the eyes of citizens.As the “king of attention” of this event, MG animation has naturally attracted the attention of citizens.It is understood that the urban management Bureau of the High-tech Zone will increase efforts to focus on the public places such as stairwells and elevators in the residents’ living areas for broadcasting, effectively creating a social atmosphere in which everyone follows the law, learns the law, obeies the law and uses the law.Listen to their opinions interact Government set up “is intimate friends the bridge” on the same day, delegates citizens to actively participate in “six do ten law-abiding citizens don’t do” panel interpretation of the law enforcement, law enforcement team about the neo-treasure hill process explanation, the franco-prussian recruit the challenge, by listening to the urban management law enforcement departments work, deepening the understanding of the neo-treasure hill,I have learned a series of law enforcement processes such as case acceptance, case filing and examination, investigation and evidence collection, compulsory measures, notification and pleading, decision on punishment, service of legal documents, case execution and case closure, and also deeply felt the difficulty of law enforcement personnel in urban management.”Do you know what illegal construction is?What are the types of unauthorized construction?What will be the punishment if it is illegal?”As soon as the host’s voice fell, the crowd at the scene raised their hands in an endless stream, some of us turn the hands of the “civilized law big wheel”, some in the lottery box to draw questions and answer carefully, set off the small climax of the activity.They not only bring security to the management of the city, but we hope that they will always be the iron army of law enforcement that the masses can rely on, stay true to their original aspiration and keep their mission firmly in mind, and be the patron saint of the masses.”From xi ‘an Longhu shuanglong original village of citizens Liu Aunt told reporters.”In the three years since the implementation of the anti-violation work, the Urban management Bureau of the High-tech Zone has investigated and dealt with more than 1,000 illegal construction cases, executed the law on the spot for more than 5,000 times, and completed the main demolition area of 3.3 million square meters.Through the legal publicity season series activities, the high-tech zone will extensively solicit opinions and suggestions, enhance the communication between urban management and the public, listen to the voice of the people, understand the public opinion, ask the needs of the people, ask for advice from the people.We will continue to make breakthroughs and innovations in improving urban quality and solving urban management law enforcement problems, further stimulate the sense of responsibility and mission of all urban managers to participate in urban development, win the hearts of the people with the “original aspiration”, and let more citizens know, understand, support and participate in urban management.To help build a new pattern of ‘joint construction, joint governance and sharing’ with high-tech characteristics, and contribute to the construction of the ‘four high-tech’.”Gao Junwei, head of the construction violation section of the High-tech Zone Urban management Bureau, said.It is understood that the high-tech city administration will further expand the scope of government affairs public, innovation diversified forms of popular forms of activities, through multi-channel exchanges, let more people know chengguan, understand the urban management, urban management, urban management support, help to build “work sharing” new pattern of city governance, make contributions to booster “four high” construction.Li Ming, chief reporter of Xi ‘an Press