Qingming, my thoughts

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Qingming shore stands, so it is the shore shore solar term.Walking in life, the world is dazzling.Sometimes, blinding.Life goes back and forth, life comes and goes.Next, also want to look for a piece of pure land, hand over a quiet time and space, at the same time, condensation true love.The buildings and woods of these sources are quiet and silent. They all come to the edge of tomb-sweeping Day. With the time and space of the heart, the intuition of life fills the air, combing and cleaning.The world is not only wind and rain, but also sunshine and blue sky, which we need to be fresh.There is no soul gun, this world we walk, are their souls.Continue.Seed by seed into the mud, in another world of heaven and earth, in this world of mud.The cuckoo awoke, crying.The earth turns, we along with, solar term specific this post connotation.Turn grain, out of time life.A path to extend the emotion, we gather on the road, all the minds of the crowd into about common solar term.Geography, the time is clear, the sky is clear.Ground vein, grass and trees race hair.Beautiful mountains and rivers!Heaven and Earth lingjie.We turn around and go back to our lives.Just gone through history, this time and space stand still, docking, communication.Just borrowed the mood, flowers point flavor, brewing mood of wine, solution and the beginning.Heaven and earth, exit entry, but time and space, do not change time and space, all life lingdun, all things to the meaning, the heart of vegetation, ling Lin on the meaning.Man is the wisdom and spirit of heaven and earth.”Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival” on the noisy downtown, “Spring Flowers and moonlight Night,” heaven and earth meditation static scene.”Riverside who first saw the month, when the river month according to people.”In March, the water is sparkling, the rain is continuous, the slopes are small and big, and the villages are rhythmical.A stream, a stream running down from above.We go up and seek the source of the light.There, there is a clear spring, we are in time.Some deed points, using heaven and earth, and nature.Solar term a station, time line lamp.Clear filtering blue sky, Yang Chun grace of the missing.The seeds of heaven and earth giving, take root, the nation from the wind and water.Chunjiang tide meaning with spring hair, qingming and mountain lianshan.Don’t forget thousands of miles, thousands of miles shout mountain line day.Big zhuan small zhuan all plain ask, Lingshu Huangdi Yan pulse.The herb is willing to far heart, mountain mountain xu Mountain.Ling Ling Qingshan clear water wish, Wanshan Deep open Ling Sun and moon.Suddenly look back, heaven and earth a clear eye.