On the eve of the war against the United States, Lin Suyu refused to go to war. What’s the secret behind this?

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The road of development of the Communist Party of China is very difficult.Moving from warlord to warlord, developing under the eyes of Chiang Kai-shek, he eventually developed into a force that could bring stability and harmony to the people.After the War of Resistance against Japan, the Kuomintang and the Communist party cooperated together against the enemy.In the war of liberation, Chiang Kai-shek’s Kuomintang was successfully defeated.Then came the period of resisting the United States and aiding Korea, which was a very difficult battle.When the battle was about to start, the question of who would be the commander of the war against the United States had not been decided yet.Originally arranged Lin and Su Yu two people, but was politely refused by two people, so sent peng Boss, Yang Dezhi, Yang Yong as commander.01 Fight against the United States and aid The Korean war is the Chinese people’s volunteers and the Korean people and army joint operations against the United States-led aggressors.It was a very difficult battle, five major wars in one year, and finally the enemy was beaten and a truce was negotiated.Before this battle, our army was actually hesitant about one thing, which general to choose as general.After all, China has been basically stable at this time, no matter in the War of Resistance against Japan or the War of liberation have emerged a number of brave and resourceful generals.After some hesitation, Great Man thought general Su Yu, who was the best in the war of Liberation, was the most suitable, but Su Yu refused.After feeling that Lin is familiar with the army and terrain, but Comrade Lin also refused.Then Chairman MAO thought twice and decided to send Mr. Peng as commander in chief.Volunteers crossed the Yalu River in 1950.The fight against the United States to aid Korea is really hard, the temperature is very low in the conditions of combat, the soldiers have grit their teeth to stick to it, finally defeated the enemy won the victory.The battle against the United States and aid Korea will certainly be very difficult, so we must choose a very excellent general to command the battle.This person not only has to be a champion, but also has to be “resourceful”.General Su Yu, as a very tactical general, was certainly the right choice, but the fierce general did not command the battle.In a battle in 1930, Su Yu took the lead and personally led the charge.At this time a shell hit over, happened to hit Su Yu.This can frighten the people, so quickly saved from the battlefield down.Doctors are also all-out rescue, finally saved life, but left the root of the disease.It was the war of liberation before us aid Korea.As the war of liberation drew to a close, Chiang Kai-shek led the Kuomintang to flee to Taiwan for a final revolt.And leave remnants of the Kuomintang personnel secretly contact each other, collude with bandits and other armed forces.General Su Yu now set about preparing for the liberation of Taiwan.With his wisdom and more than 600,000 troops in his hands, he believed it would not be difficult to liberate Taiwan.But then something happened.Su Yu fell ill.Just sick Su Yu was ordered to prepare the army to resist the United States to aid Korea.So can only recuperate while preparing to fight the United States aid toward the work.If he had reported his illness at this time, he would have been able to rest in peace.But he chose to serve his country while ill.However, the great man really wanted General Su Yu to lead the army, because general Su Yu’s achievements were particularly impressive in the war of liberation.But Luo Ruiqing, who visited the illness, talked with Suyu and fought, which made Suyu unable to rest at ease, leading to the deterioration of his condition again later, and old injuries and new diseases came together.At this time, Su Yu was already lying on a hospital bed and could not get down and walk.So he chose to give up in tears, he thought the injury can command the rate of the army against the United States aid.But now the body can not move, even on the battlefield is no help.In addition, the central government ordered Suyu to lead the border defense forces in northeast China to participate in the battle against the United States and aid Korea.But that is Lin’s army, his army is east China field army.After all, they are not familiar with the characteristics of the northeast border defense forces, and can not give full play to the advantages of their troops.Later, the great man and the Central Committee of the Party unanimously decided to lead their northeast border defense army into the North to support Lin.After all, Lin is also able to levy good war generals, and he is familiar with the characteristics of the northeast border defense forces, can make good use of their own advantages against the enemy.Not only that, Lin’s fighting style has always been tricky and eccentric.In the face of the changing situation on the battlefield, he always has some fantastic ideas, which make the enemy extremely headache.Even the enemy himself has fallen into the encirclement of the Total Lin also did not know it, so send the Total Lin anti American aid Korea is also very appropriate.But Lin still declined to participate in the battle, also because of injuries.It was 1938 when the winter, the weather is extremely cold, Comrade Lin put on the captured Japanese military coat to keep warm.Later to meet Dukun, so ride a horse then set out.Suddenly a shot rang out and Comrade Lin fell down from his horse.It turned out to be shot by Dukun’s guard sentry.Wearing Japanese clothes to keep warm, the sentry mistook him for an enemy general and fired.Lin was shot and rushed to the hospital, the great man heard it is also worried.Dukun is Yan Xishan’s subordinate, so this also let Yan Xishan is very embarrassed.So both sides try their best to rescue Lin.He saved his life, but that shot killed him.The bullet hit the chest and went through.The lungs, the ribs, and most dangerously, the spine and the nerves around it.Therefore, cold and heat, overwork, seasonal changes and other factors can lead to recurrence of pain.This injury is bound to occur because of the cold weather in Korea.When the pain can not calm down to command the battle, so Lin gave up the opportunity.After all, he can’t cause trouble to the troops.Faced with General Lin’s refusal, some people thought of such a thing.Once faced with whether to resist the United States aid north action, we are hesitant and divergent opinions.Some people said to support, some people said not to go, which Lin put forward the idea is not recommended.America’s fighting power is strong, they are tall and strong, and they have advanced weapons and equipment.Faced with such a powerful enemy, we’d better not touch it.We should strengthen our defenses before we get burned.The second point is that there are only a few million North Koreans and it’s not worth the deal to put our troops in to save them in a defensive war.Although he wanted to, he did not refuse because he was afraid of the U.S. military.Can think carefully, General Lin’s military ability is very outstanding, if the military ability is not as good as their own generals on the battlefield, then the sacrifice will be his northeast border defense army.So it’s not that he’s afraid to fight, it’s that he’s physically sick.04 Summary No matter suyu or General Lin, the military capabilities of the two generals are recognized by the great man.But they are also deeply troubled by the pain, after all, in the very low temperature conditions, the physical test is great.As a commander, he was unable to command due to his injury.The body is the most important, in ordinary life should also pay more attention to their own health.Don’t overeat, go to bed early and get up early, match meat and vegetables, and do more physical exercise.In this way, we can have a healthy body and be fully prepared for the challenges ahead.