“New Huangshan person” Guo Jingzhe: let “Bauhinia” especially gorgeous

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In the backdrop of the global economic slowdown, the enterprise was established, and the ability to survive, and even to become outstanding in the industry, the anhui bauhinia wall decoration materials co., LTD., general manager of Guo Jingzhe, is really a very big test, although difficult, but he is still on the way to realize the ideal unremitting efforts,Let “bauhinia” blossom especially gorgeous.In 2011, Guo jingzhe completed his postgraduate study in the UK and returned to China to start his own business.Before that, his family had been thinking of letting him choose a safer industry.With the knowledge of economy and finance that learns abroad, Guo Jingzhe analyzed the market prospect of each industry seriously, decided to choose to be in the market rising period, but the wallpaper industry that has never been contacted.And choose huangshan settled down, it is a chance coincidence.Guo Jingzhe, general manager of Anhui Bauhinia Wall Decoration Material Co., LTD. : “It just so happens that we have some friends who have started a business here in Huangshan for a long time. By taking this opportunity, they introduced us to Huangshan.The local government of Huangshan took us very seriously, gave us some positive policies and led us to Huangshan High-tech Zone.”Self-made, is not a simple four words, but solid hard work.A single process recipe can fail hundreds of times.Guo often works around the clock, either testing on the production line or traveling with his luggage to visit industry experts.Now, in the face of a more complex and rapidly changing market, Guo Jingzhe is keen to analyze the market demand, and constantly improve and innovate the technology to compete for market discourse power.Guo Jingzhe, general manager of Anhui Bauhinia wall Decoration material Co., LTD. : “We are mainly divided into two parts, one is to practice internal skill, the other through technical transformation, equipment transformation, improve products.And overseas markets. In response to China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ policy, we set up our first wallpaper factory in India.”Over the past ten years, the enterprise has developed into a model in the domestic wall decoration industry.With the growth of the company, Guo Jingzhe also watched the development of Huangshan, amazed at her changes.Guo Jingzhe, general manager of Anhui Bauhinia Wall Decoration Material Co., LTD., said: “What is particularly obvious is that Huangshan has superior location advantages and convenient transportation.In recent years, more and more enterprises, more and more popular, we have more and more confidence in the development of Huangshan.”This year, companies may face more difficulties, but for Guo jingzhe, who has been in the industry for a decade, it is both a challenge and an opportunity.Guo Jingzhe, general manager of Anhui Bauhinia Wall Decoration Material Co., LTD. : “For the development of enterprises, we still hope to take root in Huangshan, and hope that in the whole Anhui province we can do the industry first, and even in the country, the world can account for a certain share.”Source: Huangshan News Network