Congratulations to Zhao Xintong, 9-0 Yan Bingtao to get the second title, hot: one stroke over 100, five strokes over 50

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The 2022 German Masters snooker final has ushered in the China Derby, with two young players Yan Bingtao and Zhao Xintong fighting for the title. Finally, Zhao Xintong swept Yan Bingtao 9-0 to win the 2nd ranking title, congratulations!Zhao xintong in hot state, hit a break 100 and five 50+.As the promising stars of snooker in China, yan bingtao and zhao xintong have achieved breakthrough career, one won the masters + Riga masters title, the other won the UK championship, both of them are currently ranked in the TOP16, especially zhao xintong, soared to the 9th position.Both men deserved to beat strong opponents on their way to the final in Germany.Zhao Xintong of the post-90s meets Yan Bingtao of the post-00s, no matter who wins or loses, it will be the victory of Chinese snooker.The previous 2 meetings, each 1-1 draw, meet again, who can win?Stage 1: In the first frame, Zhao xintong quickly got into her stride and scored 74 points in a single stroke, winning 91-36 easily.In the second round, the two experienced a bitter battle, Zhao Xintong is still more stable, multi – stroke hand 71-38 and then a city.In the third set, Zhao was on fire, scoring 118 points in a single stroke for a 130-1 victory. In the fourth set, Yan only scored 4 points, and Zhao scored 82 points in a single stroke for a 90-4 victory, giving zhao a 4-0 advantage in the first half.Heart after a brief rest, zhao tong, 89 and 68 consecutive win two innings, and in the seventh inning, YanBingTao finally hit single pole 60 points, and this is his first single pole 50 +, unfortunately, was zhao heart tong 70 reversal, the eighth inning, YanBingTao is still unable to find a handle, zhao heartache again many times to fit 75-26 wins a game,After the first period, Zhao xintong was 8-0 match point.The second stage: in the ninth game, the two of them also made mistakes in turn and the rhythm was broken. Zhao Xintong gave Yan Bingtao many chances, but the latter failed to grasp them. Zhao Xintong still won smoothly and won the title with a big score of 9-0.