Beijing Chaoyang: 73 secret contacts and 42 sub-secret contacts have been investigated, and the anzhenli community has been upgraded and controlled

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Yang Beibei, deputy head of Chaoyang District, said at the 282nd press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Beijing on February 6 that the newly confirmed COVID-19 case in Chaoyang was a risk control worker who lived in Building 5 of Anzhenli District 3 and was diagnosed as a confirmed case after being transferred to a designated hospital.The following are the updates on the prevention and control of the epidemic in Chaoyang District. First, the community of Anzhenli has been promoted to a higher level.After the municipal and district DISEASE control studies, all buildings and stores in anzhenli Area 3 and no. 18 building in Anzhenli Area 2 are designated as closed control areas, implementing “regional closure, staying indoors, door-to-door service”, and taking measures such as suspension of business, home quarantine of residents, and environmental testing of personnel and public areas.All buildings and stores in Anzhenli District 1 and 2 (except building no. 18 in Anzhenli District 2) will continue to be controlled areas. “No people leave the area and no gathering is allowed”, and measures such as suspension of business, home quarantine of residents, environmental testing of personnel and public areas will be taken.The surrounding areas of Anzhenli Area 1, 2 and 3, and the enclosed areas west of Anding Road, south of Jian ‘an East Road, east of Anzhen Road and north of Fu Road of North Third Ring Road will continue to be strengthened prevention areas, and “strengthen social meeting control and strictly restrict people gathering” will be implemented.Second, we will quickly implement risk personnel control.Speed up the tracing of the source of the flow, check the risk of personnel, with the fastest speed to land, land, land control.At present, 73 secret contacts and 42 secondary secret contacts have been investigated, and all of them have been put under control.At the same time, a comprehensive traceability investigation was conducted on the points and vehicles visited by the case recently. A total of 295 environmental samples and human samples were collected, and all the others were negative except one environmental sample which was positive.Third, strengthen sampling and testing of key groups and community environment.On February 5, 19 sampling channels were set up, 129 medical workers were deployed, community members were organized for nucleic acid testing, and door-to-door samples were taken from people with mobility difficulties. A total of 7,703 samples were collected, and all the results were negative.At the same time, environmental sampling was carried out in the public areas of the community. A total of 1852 samples were collected, and all the results were negative.Fourth, we will continue to do a good job in providing services.In early receiving residents demands through hotline, WeChat group, organization, on the basis of specialized service team, to further enhance strength, could be divided into 19 community grid, each point is equipped with a service team, fully responsible for nucleic acid detection, life safeguard, goods transport, trash pickup, key personnel medical security, etc.Each grid is equipped with special shelves, and the express will be delivered to the special shelves from the gate of the community by the staff. For the buildings in the containment area, there are staff door-to-door service.Chaoyang District will continue to strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures, and block the transmission chain of the epidemic with the fastest speed and the most powerful measures. We also invite all relevant units and citizens to strictly implement the “four-party responsibility”.Those who are under isolation and control shall strictly implement the isolation and control measures. Any physical discomfort during isolation shall be reported to the staff in a timely manner, and the prevention and control responsibilities shall be earnestly fulfilled.Citizens should enhance their awareness of protection, adhere to personal protection, and reduce unnecessary meals and gatherings.Public places should comply with quarantine regulations such as code checking, temperature checking, registration, wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.(the original title: Beijing chaoyang, has been trying to contact contact 42 people, time, 73 people in the anzhen community promotions controls) source: Beijing daily client | NiuWeiKun journalist Sun Leqi process editor: u010