After being overtaken by China, Biden was out of control and fell three times in a year!China is on the right track

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After being overtaken by China, Biden lost his footing and fell 3 times in a year!The SECRETARY of the Us Air Force has just proved that who is on the right path?With the rapid development of modern military technology, more and more strategic deterrence tools begin to appear.In the increasingly fierce competition among great powers, it is particularly necessary for them to develop strategic deterrence tools.It can be said that whoever occupies the commanding heights of strategic weapons has the initiative of preemptive action.Hypersonic weapons are such a deterrent.We know that the United States was the first country to develop hypersonic weapons, but it is surprising that the once mighty military power “got up early and caught up late.”For now, the US lags far behind China and Russia in this area.But America’s bumpy road to hypersonic weapons does not end there.After being overtaken by China, Biden suffered three big losses in a year.It is reported that in the past 2021, the United States conducted a total of three agM-183A hypersonic missile test activities, but these three test results have failed.This is a big blow to the United States.After China and Russia announced major breakthroughs in the field of hypersonic sound, the US suffered from the so-called “hypersonic anxiety”.For example, US experts have warned that if China mounts an EMP weapon on a hypersonic aircraft, it could cripple us infrastructure and cause power outages in the US for up to a year.Despite the warning of “playing up the threat”, it is not hard to see that the United States is concerned about China’s development of hypersonic weapons.All along, the United States has been trying to ensure the absolute security of the US mainland in promoting great power confrontation.The most typical example is the deployment of the THAAD anti-missile system in the face of strong opposition from Allies and China and Russia.Under such anxiety, the United States suffered three major defeats.Then the Secretary of the Air Force dropped the ball.The role of hypersonic weapons in great power confrontation should not be overemphasized just because China has made significant achievements in this area, says Frank Kendall.The message was also clear: The U.S. military should not continue to bother with hypersonic weapons.In contrast, Kendall believes the MILITARY must consider what weapons are most cost-effective for the United States.He said the cost of developing hypersonic weapons was too high, and the United States later blamed former President Donald Trump for his failure to develop hypersonic weapons.But whether it’s to blame or not, this is just an excuse to cover up America’s inability to successfully develop hypersonic weapons, as everyone knows.From one side, this baffling series of American maneuvers is proof that China is on the right track.It is the fear of China’s hypersonic weapons that has made America increasingly anxious.Under this anxiety, the United States is eager to achieve, which may be the root cause of the three failed tests.Of course, after the failure, the United States Air Force senior officials of this talk is a thick “sour” taste.This also tells us that in order to keep the United States in order, it must develop more strategic deterrence tools. Only in this way can the United States be afraid and choose to stay in its place.(Fu Xiaoyu)