Accumulated a capital pool of more than 900 million yuan, jinshan here assist enterprise development!

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Since this year, shanyang town in-depth enterprise to carry out “promote development, security” big visit, big investigation work, accurate understanding of what enterprises need, hui enterprise policy, hui enterprise service to the enterprise door, maximize help enterprises out of trouble, help enterprise development, promote shanyang economic development.Shanghai Shangyuan Pump Manufacturing Co., LTD., formally settled in Shanyang in 2016, is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the field of secondary pressurized water science and technology.The enterprise took the lead in introducing the concept of industrial interconnection on the basis of industrial manufacturing. Its independent research and development of remote intelligent management platform for safe water supply has realized real-time monitoring, data analysis, remote control, automatic life warning and other functions of intelligent pump house.In order to make enterprise products faster in Jinshan “take root and sprout”, Shanyang town actively help enterprises matchmaking.At present, the intelligent pump room has been put into use in many communities such as Shanxin Kangcheng in my district.”This has promoted the localization of our products to a certain extent. At present, our secondary water supply has basically covered the whole Jinshan District.”Shanghai shangyuan Pump manufacturing Co., LTD. General manager Hu Xiaoen words full of gratitude.According to Hu xiaoen, since the company settled in Shanyang Town, its output value increased from less than 20 million yuan to 170 million yuan in 2021, and its tax revenue increased from 300,000 yuan in 2016 to 9 million yuan in 2021, with an average annual growth rate of nearly 100%.However, with the rapid development of the enterprise, the production area of the enterprise can no longer meet the production demand of the enterprise, and the land problem has been the biggest bottleneck in the process of innovation and development of Shangyuan.”According to the current product output and market demand, our existing plant can not meet, which has been an urgent problem to be solved.Later, after the relevant leaders of Shanyang Town knew our appeal, they actively communicated with relevant departments to promote the solution of the problem.”Hu said.Shanghai Alu Packaging Co., Ltd. has also had land problems.The company is mainly engaged in r & D, design, production, sales and service of industrial paper packaging, plastic packaging and intelligent packaging, and has established cooperative relations with miaoke Lando, Nestle, Nippon and other well-known brands.With the rapid expansion of business, we are faced with the problem of the need to expand the plant.To this, shanyang town actively provide a full range of services.”From taking the land to putting the project on record, all kinds of examination and approval procedures, including our property ownership certificate, are involved in the whole process from production to smooth construction.In addition, the approval process and policy orientation have been significantly accelerated compared to previous years, which has reduced a lot of time costs for our enterprises.”Shanghai Ai lu packaging co., Ltd. deputy general manager Zhang Qin said.At the same time, the functional departments of Shanyang Town also actively build platforms for enterprises to achieve resource docking and optimize the business environment.In September last year, Ailu packaging successfully landed on gem. In 2020, its annual output value reached 775 million yuan, up 20.26%, and its tax revenue reached 34.2534 million yuan, up 54.85%.Zhang qin told reporters that the government has provided financial support, such as tax exemption policies, which have lowered costs and helped Alu improve its competitiveness.Since this year, Shanyang town continues to go deep into the grassroots, into the enterprise, listen to the voice of the enterprise, intuitively understand the needs of the enterprise, to provide accurate services for the enterprise, the enterprise will be hui enterprise policy, hui enterprise service to the enterprise door, maximize help enterprises out of trouble.Duan Xuewen, deputy mayor of Shanyang Town, told reporters: “We focus on providing services for enterprises from multiple perspectives, including business incubation.At the same time, Shanyang town also took the lead in building a ‘1+N’ industry guidance fund model in the whole region, and accumulated a capital pool of more than 900 million yuan to help enterprises develop.”The reporter | LuXueJing NiYanQing Pinky correspondent | Liu Shihan Should edit | because yu Yin coordinating editor of dill | WengYu