The “Happy Chinese New Year” activities of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) have kicked off

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With the Spring Festival just around the corner, China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) has launched a series of activities to celebrate the “Happy Chinese New Year”.On January 21, the headquarters yard was bustling with festivity and a strong New Year flavor.Yu Jianfeng, party secretary and chairman of CNNC, wrote down four Chinese characters “Spring Scenery is Full of Garden”, emitting thick ink fragrance, expressing beautiful vision and full of blessings. The crowd of onlookers applauded warmly, thus pushing the activities of “Happy CNNC Year” to a climax., gu jun from group company general manager and deputy secretary of director and deputy secretary of Li Qingtang, party member, deputy general manager Cao Shudong, disciplinary Wang Jiezhi watchdog group leader, and party members, party member, deputy general manager Liu Jing, party member, chief accountant wang group leaders attended the “auspicious tiger reunion” lucky draw,We shared the happy and peaceful atmosphere of the Spring Festival with everyone.Later, Li Qingtang came to the university activity center to congratulate everyone on the Spring Festival.At the activity site, more than ten group company headquarters, retired representatives of the elderly comrades and other calligraphy enthusiasts, “lanterns, colorful farewell to the old year, ink splashed to welcome the New Year”, a pair of Spring Festival couplets full of blessings in their hands completed.”Spring breeze urges tiger step, auspicious snow promises bumper harvest”, “In the year of tiger, dragon teng opens magnificent scenery, spring breeze magnates grand plan”, the group’s leaders write Spring Festival couplets and the word “fu” to the staff.Calligraphy enthusiasts from the headquarters and nearby member units also volunteered to write Spring Festival couplets and draw tiger “fu” with members of the China Nuclear Engineering Calligraphy Association, and they queued up to get their favorite “fu”.In the “tiger jump spring guess” link, the staff actively draw riddles, new and interesting topics, guessing the scene from time to time bursts of laughter.The activity also set up “Auspicious Tiger New Year photo”, through the group headquarters set up a number of tiger year photo frames, so that the majority of employees retain the auspicious moment of good fortune.A Spring Festival couplets, a “blessing” bag, a blessing tiger gift package with the warm current of the festival to warm the heart, so that everyone in the warm rich cultural atmosphere prosperous New Year, celebrate the New Year with joy.This activity is jointly held by the Party and mass work Department, the Ministry of Social Affairs (retired cadre Bureau) and the labor union of the headquarters of the group company.The activity aims to implement the requirements of the Party group of the Group company, continuously promote “I do practical things for the masses”, and enhance the sense of gain, happiness and belonging of headquarters staff and retired comrades.Review authors | zheng can Li Ligeng coordinating editor | Hu Fang Chen 丨 new segment