Wang Jianlin in peace, foresight, wanda successfully embarked on the road to light assets

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The phrase “beware of danger in times of peace” comes from the 11th Year of Duke Xiang-Gong, a biography of Zuo :” Beware of danger in times of peace.In order to warn everyone that although in a safe environment, we should always think of the possibility of danger, should always be prepared to deal with unexpected events.This not only requires people to have such mental preparation, but also need to have the wisdom to plan for the future from a long-term perspective and avoid risks as much as possible.We can see such wisdom in many famous people’s lives. Wang Jianlin of Wanda Group is undoubtedly a representative of great wisdom with preparedness and preparedness in times of peace.Wanda group from the experience real estate, the real estate industry development dividend the best of times, as early as several years ago, the real estate industry is not yet a crisis signal, Mr Wang has taken the wanda development focus on the asset light strategy, gradually sell heavy assets held at home and abroad, the enterprise output power concentrated in the brand, design, construction and operation,As expected, light wanda ushered in new development opportunities.In the past two years, the real estate industry has suffered a huge adjustment, and we can see that wanda Group has been very little affected. When other real estate companies are facing turbulence, Wanda Group not only accelerates its expansion, but also takes Wanda Commercial Management to go public in Hong Kong.With the help of asset-light, Wanda Group has more and more asset-light projects. Among the 43 Wanda plazas opened by Wanda in 2019, 29 are “asset-light” projects. By the end of September 2020, Wanda Commercial Management has opened 58 asset-light projects, and 166 Wanda plazas are under construction, including 128 asset-light projects.Relying on the advantages brought by light assets, Wanda once again created a miracle in the history of business.Wang jianlin’s wisdom has a lot to do with wanda group’s timely escape from the heavy asset industry.Wanda experienced many times of transformation in Mr Wang’s insistence and successful practice, in his lead in the development of wanda more than 30 years, before the time of the wave come enterprise ready in advance, and each time and the right way, to the development of wanda found the direction of development of The Times, especially in recent years, the smooth implementation of asset light strategy.Since 2002, Wang Jianlin has started his long-term plan and established Wanda Business Management, which has accumulated a set of advanced experience in managing its own shopping malls, hotels and real estate properties, laying a solid foundation for the “asset-light” transformation in the future.This is Wang Jianlin’s great wisdom.The era of market economy is an era of increasingly fierce and in-depth competition, and those with rich ideas and foresight are of course more likely to win, because they can have a head start in the competition and a greater chance of victory, so they can create greater value and achievements, and Wanda Group Wang Jianlin is one of the representatives.