Tian Jing chat record exposure, already suspected Guo Wei is not his own, no one can do perfect

2022-05-11 0 By

This year, quietly earned a large sum of money, which makes Du Xinzhi’s fans envy unceasingly, in the network to slander, abuse, do not want to let quietly Guo Wei later life is better!No matter how others slander her, Tian Jing never speaks ill of anyone on the Internet, she just rises to the occasion!Because Du fan kept reporting her studio, causing the live broadcast to be interrupted, she asked her brother to set up his own company, linking his account with the company and turning it into an official live account, which made it difficult to report her.In order not to let others make things up, Tian Jing sent out the chat records more than a year ago, which wrote in detail that she doubted guo Wei’s true identity, if she said out, others will think she is making things up!As expected, Guo Wei was not Lao Guo and Du’s own flesh and blood, but the son of Xu Min of Jiujiang and Yao Shibing.If quietly told her earlier, maybe things wouldn’t be like this!Need not tian Jing to say, we all know Guo Wei and Du Xinzhi and Guo Xikuan are not quite the same, especially wei Wei that round face, old Du gives a person’s feeling is “thief eyes”, who can see the gap between him and quietly.No matter what she thought before, since Guo Wei’s identity was exposed, Tian Jing never stopped Wei Wei to recognize her as his wife, and even secretly persuaded him to let him and Xu Min and Guo Xikuan together, xu Min is really lucky to have such a good daughter-in-law.So, quietly already knew guo Wei’s true identity, since she dares to expose this news, that is she did not do anything wrong!The Internet is like this, someone praises you, someone says you are not good, you will never think that others love you forever, no one can be perfect.Do you want to say anything after you hear this?