Red acid branch furniture four-point placement essentials, to help you create a more practical Chinese bedroom charm

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Classics the precipitation of thousand years history, annatto furniture is enduring, become a kind of life vogue nowadays.And how does red acid branch furniture charm adapt to contemporary home decoration aesthetic?Proper leave white more add ancient rhyme bedroom in, no matter advocate lie, guest lie and study, say rather than a room, its is recreational area, need to be placed in blank place to offer to read or chat the recreational chair that uses and desk only, the elegant life of ancient literati immediately like shadow follows form.If the combination of exquisite carved desk and window arhat bed, can create a Chinese traditional culture accumulation.And the bed that tie-in line is succinct, provide contemporary temperament collapses, just like the blank that gave a person vision, let bedroom individual character is bright.A palace lamp that lights morpheus area in twilight, exposition ancient and modern, among them lasting appeal is self-evident.Element that grabs an eye Chinese style lights element of style of dignified space Chinese style lives in should explore from Chinese long history, can represent Chinese style classic the element that occupies the home style is very much, for instance Chinese calligraphy and painting, pure and fresh quietly elegant, flowing water, no matter be used at the sitting room or study, can reflect the life grade that gives host grace.Ceramics, Chinese knot is the representative of Chinese classical elements, if placed in the empty position of the room, not only can make the finishing point, but also can highlight the owner’s taste of life with a small extensive taste.In addition, use bright-coloured small fittings, adjust the oppressive feeling that the space gives a person, desalt dignified whole feeling.The symmetrical principle that Chinese style furniture puts Oriental aesthetics pays attention to symmetry, have a bit to Chinese style furniture element study can discover, Chinese style furniture is to appear in pairs mostly.And integrate the pattern of Chinese elements as decoration, and then put the furniture and ornaments in a symmetrical way to create a unique Oriental emotional appeal, which can bring the sense of historical value and cultural temperament of ink fragrance to the space.Symmetrical design is a common construction principle used in Chinese architecture and furniture. Symmetry and reduction of visual impact can give people a harmonious and comfortable visual experience. Furniture placement should follow this principle as far as possible.Modern element is blended in, make clever space feeling to join more modern element in Chinese style furniture, be like glass, stainless steel and the proper collocation of solid wood, rock, be like crystal vase collocation in Chinese style woodiness furniture, make the adornment effect of whole has intelligence more.This kind holds classical concurrently with contemporary breath bedroom design, put the conspicuous position such as at the sitting room most aptly.It both holds the elegance atmosphere of Chinese wind, accord with the contracted aesthetic of modern people again, reflect host unique home outfit style, and build the sense of space of modern bedroom of thing match well.