Jiang Hua visited frontline staff during the Spring Festival

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New Hunan client On January 29 (correspondent Chen Xuehua) On January 29, Jiang Hua, deputy secretary of the County Party Committee and head of the county visited the front-line staff who stick to their posts, and extended New Year’s greetings to them, and expressed heartfelt thanks and sincere greetings to the front-line cadres and workers who stick to their posts during the Spring Festival in the county.Deputy county magistrate Zhou Haixiong attended the condolence.Jiang Hua listened to the state Grid East ‘an County power supply Company during the Spring Festival of the county power grid operation, Spring Festival power protection measures, emergency duty and other reports.Jiang Hua for its dongan county electric power supply company I appreciate the professionalism to protect the electric line, and power supply line to the New Year wishes, hope its during the Spring Festival to dongan county electric power supply company to do a good job of production safety, electricity, etc, in advance arrangement deployment, completes the duty BeiQin, emergency rescue and prepare to ensure power supply during the Spring Festival.Command center in the county emergency management agency (fema), Jiang Hua pointed out in the past year the county emergency management agency in safety production, disaster prevention and reduction, emergency rescue, etc, has made great achievements, for the county’s economic and social development provides a strong security, high quality want to be on duty on duty during the Spring Festival county emergency management agency (fema), do well the job scheduling, strengthen unattended work, to ensure the security and stability of the county.Jiang Hua also visit condolences to work in a line of sanitation workers, to fight in the urban construction front line sanitation workers to extend New Year greetings, thanks to the “city beautician” in order to improve the dongan county urban environment, improve the image of the dongan county city of hard labor, to care for the relevant departments, make sure they work well, living comfortable during the Spring Festival,Have a warm and peaceful Spring Festival.On the same day, Jiang also visited the waterworks and county government office staff and sent them to the party and the government care.Author: Chen Xuehua, Editor: Tian Wen Source: Rong Media Center, Dong ‘an County