“Construction site water ghost” : up to 20,000 yuan, not up to 2 million yuan, in the face of high-paying jobs but no one dare to do

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Life for money or money for life, that is a question.There is a common belief that we trade our lives for money when we are young and trade our lives for money when we are old.And there is a small group of people who are absolutely the paradigm of trading their lives for money.Every time they do their homework, they wear their heads in their waistbands;Each of their assignments is a gamble with death.Use a word to describe is: come up 2W, don’t come up 200W!This high-paying but dangerous job takes place on construction sites, and these people are also known as “construction site water ghosts”.Stroke, bicycle changes motorcycle “site water ghost” what is the job after all?Just by hearing the name “water ghost”, you will know that this job is not easy to do, in our traditional concept, the dead people are called ghosts.The name “water ghost” is just a joke on the profession, not meant to discriminate, but it reflects the degree of danger of the profession.The technical name for this job is engineering diver.It means that people need to do all kinds of underwater work in the project.As is known to all, whether building or bridge construction projects, the first must be carried out before the foundation pile.When we’re building a house, we need to dig a hole for the foundation, and the higher the house, the deeper the foundation, so that the foundation is strong, so that the house doesn’t collapse.However, due to the different geological structure of different areas.For example, in the sand, because the sand is soft, and the water absorption of the sand is strong, water seepage often occurs, leading to the excavation is very easy to collapse.Besides, it was not practical to dig away the sand, so people chose piling.This kind of drilling machine is called a hammer drill. It has a drill bit at the end of the drill, and a winch pulls the drill bit against the ground to make holes.No one knew what was going on underground. If the drill hit hard or uneven ground, it would get stuck. If it was forced up, the wire would break and the drill would fall into the pile hole.As can be seen from the picture above, the diameter of the pile hole is not large and the hole mouth is very deep.You might have a bit drop.And the drill may also be broken in the pile hole, and the broken drill is difficult to use the machine to salvage, can only rely on manpower to enter the search, the need to salvage the drill hanging on the fishing rope.In addition to underwater fishing, engineering divers do many types of underwater work, such as underwater welding, underwater surveying, and so on.How valuable could an underwater welding drill be?Is it worth 200W?Although the value of drill bit is not cheap, but it is generally in the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.Far less than the value of 200W.So why have to take the high risk to hire someone to get it?When the drill is broken in a pile hole, if the drill is not taken out, the pile hole is invalid.In the project, the position and number of piles are designed.The deviation of position and the number of piles will affect the stability and safety of the building.This is a very precise work, the change of one pile will lead to the change of dozens or even hundreds of other piles, really affecting the whole body.More importantly, the design drawings cannot be changed, and the position of pile foundation cannot be changed. If this problem is not solved, the follow-up work will not be able to continue, and the whole project will face paralysis.If the drawings that had designed before and construction plan are pulled down all redesign is not trivial also.This requires re-exploration and design, and then approval and construction, a set of processes at least delay for more than half a year, the labor cost and time cost is not 200W can be solved.Construction workers not easy “site water ghost” How dangerous is underwater work?One, very low visibility engineering divers and ordinary divers are very different.First of all, in terms of working conditions, they are not diving at all, they are diving in mud.The mud is to protect the pile holes and prevent landslides.But once engineering divers descend, they’re in the dark.And the pile hole is full of mud, visibility is zero.After diving, engineering divers need to use their hands to feel. Working in this situation, it can be said that it is like crossing the river by feeling stones, which requires a lot of energy.The visibility in the mud is 0 2, the diving depth is high engineering divers generally need to dive to the depth of 40 to 50 meters underground, and need to wear thick diving suits, carrying heavy oxygen cylinders in the highly dense mud operation, but also worry about the overhead collapse, such an environment is not ordinary people can bear.And once the collapse, the engineering divers will be completely buried inside, with little hope of survival.Hypoxia and loss of Communication A diver’s suit is connected to the ground by a tube that carries oxygen and allows him to communicate by voice with people on the ground.Therefore, water ghosts need to work with one person, and people on the ground are responsible for liaison, generally related people or familiar with the same clan.The people on the ground will communicate with the engineering divers through the instruments and keep abreast of what the engineering divers are doing underwater.If the ground oxygen supply fails, an engineering diver can be hypoxic and unconscious within minutes, and if the suit is cut, an engineering diver can drown in tens of meters of mud.First of all, engineering divers need to check whether the mud in the pile hole has precipitated. If the water pressure in the hole becomes smaller after precipitation, the hole wall and mud will have pressure difference, which is easy to lead to collapse.Therefore, it is required that the underwater operation time of the engineering diver must be short from the time of pile driving to the longer the risk will be greater.Because of the many uncertainties involved in diving, engineering divers must be well equipped, inspected, and familiar with tools to prepare for any kind of dangerous situation.For example, a diving knife is used to cut off the entangling disturbance and tie the lead weight (usually a waist lead) in place so that in case of danger, the waist lead can be ripped off and the lead weight can fall off, so that the engineering diver can float up by buoyancy.Who wants to go down in this yellow mud?This job is also prone to diving disease.If they do not control their speed during the ascent, the nitrogen in the blood can quickly become bubbles and cause embolism, which can be life-threatening.Not only that, but their lungs, nose, ears and other organs can be damaged or even permanently sick from the work.Dangerous and horrible occupation about “site water ghost” among them a few big hearsay one, why some are relatives work together?As I just said, most engineering divers work together with two people, and most of them are acquaintances (especially father and son). The father works above and the son dives into the well.After all, the job is either big money or “big money”.A father’s love for his son is secure only in the lure of money.My son’s life is more important than $200.If you’re working alone, even if you’re on board, it can be very difficult to compensate if the engineer diver becomes disabled or seriously injured.Two, if you can’t really cut oxygen belt?If the engineering diver goes into the water and can’t come back out, under normal circumstances, other personnel will not choose to rescue.The reason: engineering divers are so skilled that if they go a long time without a message, sending someone else to retrieve them can only lead to more casualties, and this is not a rare case.And you in this case, will really cut the oxygen band?There may be two conjectures on this question. First, after all, life is precious and no one wants to lose it.However, the underwater situation is complex and changeable, especially in the event of collapse, engineering divers know they can not survive, and there is no hope for them to get it. Some people may take the initiative to cut the oxygen belt in order to give their families a guarantee.Second, if you work alone, people on the ground may be tempted by large sums of money to produce such behavior.But I believe they are in the minority.Life is precious Engineering Diver is indeed a horrible job in many people’s eyes.And when they’re in the news, nine times out of ten it’s not good news.For engineering divers, both physical and psychological quality as well as professional skills have very high requirements. Not everyone can be a diver if they want to be one. They need to work with certificates and are very formal.How do we look at the “site water ghost”?Let’s discuss it in the comments section.# Omnipotent creator ## Construction site ## High-risk occupation ## Popular science ## Diving #