Changsha: Attracting investment, focusing on industrial chain and aiming at “Top 500”

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In 2022, Changsha will strengthen the industrial foundation of “strong provincial capital” by attracting more and more people. With first-class business environment, changsha will make the majority of investors feel at ease and at ease.At the beginning of the New Year, Changsha took the lead in launching a new offensive to attract investment.Since January, major projects have been signed and started.Today, the 2022 Spring Festival Symposium of the president of Changsha Chamber of Commerce in Different places and the signing ceremony of the “Good Start” project of attracting investment will be held again…Changsha is setting off a new upsurge of investment attraction and project construction.”Tiger” force all open fight first!The responsible person of the city commerce Bureau said, will take a number of measures at the same time, vigorously implement, and strive for the first quarter of the city’s investment projects signed a “good start”, with a “good start” to drive “quarterly red”, to achieve “red throughout the year”.The pursuit of high quality should not only continue the “acceleration”, but also pursue the “high quality”. At the beginning of 2022, Changsha’s investment attraction work shows great ambition.January 20, Desai battery energy storage cell project was signed and settled in Wangcheng Economic development Zone.Just 18 days later, the project officially started construction.The project plans to invest 7.5 billion yuan in fixed assets, and arrange the headquarters and r&d and manufacturing center of the energy storage cell project with a capacity of 20GWh (gigawatt hour) in three phases.After comprehensive development, the annual output value will reach 12 billion yuan, which will inject strong momentum for changsha to build 100 billion advanced energy storage materials industrial cluster.On February 6, changsha county successfully signed 8 projects involving new material R&D and manufacturing, high-end business, new energy, medicine r&d and other fields, with a total investment of nearly 20 billion yuan, at the launching ceremony of the 2022 activity of “Welcoming fellow Villagers, Returning home and creating Three Hunan Provinces” and the New Year meeting.Among them, saIC-Volkswagen Audi new model project with a total investment of 5 billion yuan will be settled in Changsha Economic development Zone, and it is planned to build a production base for saIC-Volkswagen middle and high-end models in the central region.Plan with the fastest speed, prepare with the most practical measures, and advance with the highest efficiency!Major projects are signed, landed, started and constructed at full speed. The “Changsha speed” interprets the city’s “accurate, willing and persistent” investment style.On December 23, 2021, the Economic work conference of the Municipal Committee of the CPC proposed that focusing on the construction of 22 industrial chains and “ten major leading industrial projects” were implemented;Strive to attract investment project quantity volume quality new breakthrough.On January 11, the observation and comment meeting of “Strengthening provincial capital and Revitalizing Industries” project construction in the city required to vigorously attract landmark projects and promote the implementation of more “Three categories of Top 500”, corporate headquarters, regional headquarters and functional headquarters.Take a broad view of the whole city, a new round of investment offensive heating up quickly.The investment teams into the “Spring Festival” stream of people, around the country, for the intent to talk about the project to visit.Relevant municipal departments, districts and counties (cities) use the Spring Festival holiday to make friends and relatives of entrepreneurs, looking for clues to attract investment.Relevant departments promptly sorted out, explored and coordinated the examination and approval procedures for key projects in the city, and promoted the early start, construction, operation and effectiveness of projects.”In such a short period of time to get the branch practice permit, I really feel the ‘Changsha speed’.”On January 27, Shanghai Tianjuan Law Firm praised the administrative service hall of Changsha area of Hunan Pilot Free Trade Zone.It is reported that in order to better meet the development needs of enterprises, the approval period of changsha free Trade Area has been reduced from the original 20 working days to 9 working days.Since January investment report card, also witnessed the city up and down run out of the year “acceleration”.On February 10, changsha Wangcheng District “one River on both sides” investment environment promotion and major investment projects centralized signing ceremony was held, 18 major projects signed and settled in Wangcheng, a total investment of 43.3 billion yuan.Focusing on the industrial chain and aiming at “top 500” Changsha’s high-quality development and modernization, the core of the project support.Major projects are an important carrier to implement the strategy of strengthening provincial capitals.”In the New Year, Changsha will draw a blueprint for high-quality development, explore new directions for investment promotion, and consolidate the industrial foundation of ‘strong provincial capital’ with breakthroughs in investment promotion.”The person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce introduced that in 2022, Changsha will focus on the construction of “three highlands”, pay close attention to 22 industrial chains, and aim at “three top 500”, fully attracting multinational companies, central enterprises, listed companies and industry leaders.Make a good top-level design — integrate the city’s financial, land, financial, human resources and other resources, introduce policies and measures for investment attraction in Changsha, track the whole process of “top 500” projects and major investment projects of more than 1 billion yuan.The formation of investment attraction in the city “chess” pattern, for the city’s investment attraction potential.Strengthen the docking of investment promotion — Plan to carry out “4+N” investment promotion for key regions such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle, focus on 22 industrial chains and future industries, and strive to introduce a number of “Top 500 of The third category” and leading enterprises in the industry;To attract investment by business, expand “circle of friends”, strengthen communication and docking with local enterprises, principals of key projects, foreign chambers of commerce, industry associations, etc., publicize the investment environment in Changsha, and push enterprises to attract investment “main battlefield”.Focus on industry investment, focusing on engineering machinery, automobile and parts, large data, artificial intelligence and other important advanced manufacturing industry, focus on 22 industrial chain construction, because the chain ShiCe, highlight the strong backbone industry chain, highlight the delay chain growth industry, weak industry outstanding repair chain, vigorously introduce in a key link in the industry of high quality enterprise.We will target future industries such as brain-like technology and quantum technology to identify the next round of economic growth.Optimize the Business Environment — strengthen the supervision of the implementation of the Foreign Investment Law and the Implementation Regulations, enhance the awareness of foreign investment services and protection, and further optimize the environment for foreign investment in Zhuhai.A special team for major projects has been set up to visit key foreign investment enterprises on a regular basis, coordinate timely solutions to outstanding problems that enterprises are concerned about and respond to, and promote the implementation, construction and operation of key investment projects.Today’s investment is tomorrow’s output, and today’s project is tomorrow’s development.”Recruit” is the basis, “fall behind, good development” is the key.The city’s commerce bureau said that the city’s business system to the beginning of the New Year on the state of running, the full blow to grasp big projects, do big industry “call”.Changsha will consolidate the industrial foundation of “strong provincial capital” by attracting more people.Continue to polish the “Changsha service” brand, with first-class business environment, so that the majority of investors at ease, rest assured, worry, peace of mind.