“The world” deduce the joys and sorrows of the little people, no wonder broadcast number one, reflect the reality too piercing heart

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“The world” interpretation of the joys and sorrows of the little people, no wonder the broadcast number at the top of the list, reflect the reality too tied to the heart!Zhou Rong, the heroine of the drama, has a rigid personality and is too spontaneous. She has a typical “love brain” and eloped with a man who made a serious mistake after graduating from high school.Elopement, said to be for the freedom of love, is actually brainless performance.How can parents not think about their children?Of course, I hope she marries a good man and has a happy life.However, Zhou rong did not understand that a marriage without the blessing of her parents has many defects. In fact, from the very beginning, she was cheated by the man who looked honest.Fortunately, Although Zhou Rong was hurt very deep in the end, but her childhood sweetheart is still in situ, she finally has happiness, many viewers also sigh, it seems that the love of liangxiaowingwuguess depends on the spectrum!Some netizens say that the reason why zhou Rong’s first marriage failed in the original work is to make readers’ psychological balance. Excessive selfishness and capriciousness will pay the price.This in Zhou Rong say: would rather break off relations with parents, also want to be together with Feng, has laid the foundation for the failure of marriage.Really is that words, the heart of parents in children, and children’s heart on the stone, too let a person chill.Think carefully about the parents are the most love you that person, in your body all the efforts, especially the mother pregnant in October, and then put up with all kinds of upbringing you, but in the end for a so-called love thing, what also regardless of, regardless of whether parents sad, really let a person chill ah.True, love is wonderful, but love is not the whole life.Love should make two people who love each other fit in their hearts and have the same three views and orientation.Rather than a one-sided bottomless pay.Obviously, Zhou Rong fell in love with Feng Huacheng at first sight, is not a lover.Zhou Rong has culture, knowledge, ideal, so although it is because of feelings to the mountain, but still can not hide the light, positive, but Feng Turned into busy flying, even derailed.Fortunately, Zhou Rong finally woke up from the so-called love, learned that Feng Cheng derailed, no grievances themselves, resolutely and he divorced, he alone with the children away.She still has this one awake and awake, or let a person be very gratified, and not like some women, so make do with it.If she chooses to compromise, it is really a pity to spend their youth on such a man is not enough?If you wronged yourself to go on, then what is the meaning of this life?Young girls should be armed not only with their faces but also with their heads. They should not be overwhelmed by love, their parents forgotten, their ideals put on the shelf, and then be willing to be housewives around the pot.But you such a face, with the passage of youth, you pay that man, may in turn think you have become a yellow woman, no attraction, to chase other bright young people, so to that time, what is the meaning of your efforts?So girls must be sober, people can not only live in their own touched their own love, there are too many beautiful things in your life to pursue.”The world” interpretation of the joys and sorrows of the little people, no wonder the broadcast number at the top of the list, reflect the reality too tied to the heart!Feel free to leave a comment.If you like this article, please long press the “like” button at the end of the article, one key three consecutive small make up surprise oh.(Original article, please do not copy)