The party secretary of Wuhan University of Technology visited Shaoguan for investigation

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From February 11th to 12th, Xin Sijin, Party Secretary of WUHAN University of Technology, visited Shaoguan, Guangdong, and had a discussion with Wang Ruijun, Party Secretary of Shaoguan, and Chen Shaorong, mayor of Shaoguan. Professor Zhang Qingjie, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Professor of Wuhan University of Technology,Party and government office of the university, Science and Technology Cooperation and Achievement Transformation Center, School of Transportation and Logistics Engineering, Shaoguan Research Institute, Foshan Xianhu Laboratory and leaders of shaoguan related departments attended the discussion.In the symposium held on 11th, Professor Zhang Yu, executive director of Shaoguan Research Institute of Wuhan University of Technology introduced shaoguan Research Institute since its establishment.Professor Lu Chihua, deputy director of Foshan Xianhu Laboratory, introduced the relevant situation of Xianhu Laboratory and the progress of major technology research and development.The expert representative of the school introduced the disruptive technological innovation of ammonia hydrogen fusion new energy.During the discussion, Mr. Simkin made a speech on behalf of WUHAN University of Technology.He said that WUT always keeps in mind the responsibility of “China’s national Higher education Team”, earnestly implements the original mission of “educating talents for the Party and the country”, fully implements the “four for service” principle of higher education, and strives to serve the cause of the Party and the country at a high level while promoting the high-quality construction of wuT.He pointed out that in the long-term practice of running schools, The university has insisted on taking Guangdong as a strategic location for school-local cooperation, serving the reform and opening up and socialist modernization construction, and taking Shaoguan as an important fulcrum for serving Guangdong, vigorously exerting its talents and scientific and technological advantages, and actively carrying out docking and cooperation with Shaoguan.Good results have been achieved in promoting practical cooperation in scientific and technological innovation, application of achievements, personnel training, cooperation between universities and enterprises, and the coordinated development of government, industry, universities and research institutes.He stressed that the school the next step will be relying on wuhan university of technology institute of shaoguan, in combination with the practical need of shaoguan and industry development needs, and give full play to the school comprehensive advantages, actively integrating schools set up in guangdong science and technology cooperation organization resources advantages and technological advantages, the support of shaoguan city for new circuit, the power of six “new” construction of shaoguan, together with shaoguan,In the process of helping Guangdong to achieve the goal of “walking in the forefront of the country and creating new brilliance in the new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way”, we will show our new achievements and write new chapters in the service of reform and opening up and socialist modernization.On behalf of shaoguan Municipal Party Committee and Shaoguan Municipal Government, Wang ruijun congratulated WUT on its achievements and thanked WUT for its long-term support to Shaoguan’s economic and social development. He also introduced shaoguan’s economic and social development in the past year.It is hoped that WUT will give full play to its advantages in education and scientific research, integrate the resources of the university, expand cooperation areas, deepen cooperation mechanisms and upgrade cooperation levels with Shaoguan, and work together to set a model of cooperation and development between the city and the university.It is hoped that Xianhu Laboratory will strengthen the integration of resources within the industry and support the development of hydrogen energy industry in Shaoguan.On the morning of the 12th, accompanied by Li Xin, member of the Party Group of Shaoguan Municipal Government, and relevant leaders of the Science and Technology Bureau, Xinsiking visited the LNG Crew training base of Shaoguan Research Institute, the laboratory of the new generation Shipping System, and the office and accommodation of shaoguan Research Institute successively, and listened to the report on the progress of the research team of shaoguan Research Institute.Suggestions and hopes are put forward for the work of SHAOguan Institute from the perspective of better serving regional economic and social development and reform and opening up.It is understood that SHAOguan Research Institute of Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) was officially established on November 29, 2020. It is a new RESEARCH and development institution jointly established by WUT and Shaoguan Municipal People’s Government, integrating scientific and technological innovation, achievement transformation, talent cultivation and industry incubation.After more than a year of construction, Shaoguan Research Institute actively docking regional development strategy, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and has achieved a series of practical results in promoting the construction of port and navigation industrial park, LNG crew training, enterprise incubation, talent training and other aspects.In 2021, SHAOguan Research Institute was approved as the doctor workstation of Guangdong Province and the new R&D institution of Guangdong Province.(Correspondent: Zhou Jiao, Pan Zhili, Wuhan University of Technology)