Fumian District Disabled Persons’ Federation: Party construction leads the new trend of the team, and the 2022 Spring Festival volunteer service and care activities have achieved significant results

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Since the spring of 2022, the Fumian District Branch of the DISABLED Persons’ Federation has adhered to the guidance of Party construction, taken care of the disabled as the main battlefield of the work of the Federation, vigorously created a new style of party construction leading team, and actively promoted the deep integration of party construction leading and the work of the disabled.Around the Spring Festival of 2022, the Party branch of the District Disabled Persons’ Federation organized party members and cadres to carry out a series of volunteer service and care activities, sending sincere wishes for the masses of disabled people, and effectively bringing the warmth of the Party and the government to the hearts of the masses of disabled people.During the Spring Festival, the Party branch of fumian District Disabled Persons’ Federation visited fumian Community, Fumian Town, Fumian District, Liulong Village, Shatian Town and visited some disabled people in difficulties, and sent them gifts of consolation and New Year’s greetings.Area with strong concern, disabled persons’ federation party branch secretary ask for details of the physical condition and living conditions of the disabled, told they must pay attention to the body, peace of mind for illness, encourage them to maintain positive mentality, to overcome the difficulties of life, and to the noodle, peanut oil, milk and other caffeine arts and consolation money, wish them good health and a happy Spring Festival.Such heart-warming words and thoughtful greetings conveyed the deep care and concern of the Party, the government and the CDPF system for the majority of disabled people, making disabled people in need feel the care and warmth of the Party organization.During the Spring Festival, the Party branch of the District Disabled Persons’ Federation carried out three activities of solicitude and warmth, solicitude to 277 disabled persons, and a total of 98,900 yuan of consolation money was issued.Area during the Spring Festival, disabled persons’ federation party branch to carry out the care services for the disabled, disabled persons’ federation, accompanied by city leadership visits condolences to shatian six dragon village party leads the epidemic prevention and control for the disabled volunteer some difficulties, “disease” not lax protective f cotton area than the disabled persons’ federation party branch is focused on the normalized epidemic prevention and control tasks, adhere to grasp the party leading, quickly adjust working ideas, give full play to the cutting edge exemplary role of party members,We will do our best to ensure the health and safety of the people, and build a solid safety barrier for epidemic prevention and control.Around the Spring Festival, the Party branch of the DISTRICT Disabled Persons’ Federation took the “online + offline” approach to promote the publicity and education of epidemic prevention and control.Through wechat public accounts and wechat groups, Online releases the latest epidemic information in the region on a daily basis to increase the awareness and participation rate of epidemic prevention and control.”Offline” organization of party members and cadres into the village, into the community, through household mobilization, leaflets, help registration information and other ways to carry out publicity and guidance.At the same time, every party member cadres will be patient to the masses to talk about the way of home told them to pay attention to the use of fire, electricity, gas safety, timely add clothes to keep warm, go out to wear masks, do not gather places.In addition, the party branch of the District Disabled Persons’ Federation also made the propaganda of epidemic prevention deeply rooted in people’s hearts by hanging banners and displaying epidemic prevention knowledge on LED screens.Up to now, four banners have been hung and more than 400 copies of promotional materials have been distributed.Area of disabled persons’ federation party members and cadres propaganda on walks home party construction lead rural sanitation and epidemic prevention knowledge action productive power and city for days, the cotton area the disabled persons’ federation party branch actively response to the cotton area rural revitalization of headquarters, adhere to the party pilot, leaders take the lead, public participation, continue to carry out the rural environmental health regulation before and after the Spring Festival activities.The clean-up is given priority to with the cotton town main street, focusing on the streets of people focus on health and the environment, push the door system of 3 packets of responsibility, guide the broad masses and merchants operating according to regulation in accordance with the law, consciously do mutual supervision and mutual remind, optimize the external image, to advance environmental health renovation work, establish a good life for the f cotton town people and business environment.Through environmental sanitation campaigns, the rural environment has been beautified, people’s happiness has been improved, and the “spirit” of the rural revitalization strategy has been enhanced.The Party Branch of the District Disabled Persons’ Federation carried out rural environmental sanitation improvement activities and helped build civilized cities.fumianxuanchuan@126.com when you receive 0771-12340 poll telephone survey of the satisfaction of the sense of security of the masses, please be patient to answer, objective and fair answer, praise for the construction of Peace and happiness.Kapok open well-being yan Mian END tell a good fumian story spread fumian sound set up fumian image