Found 4 small household items, affordable, share with everyone

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The Spring Festival is coming soon. I have summarized all kinds of weird gadgets I found this year, and I want to share with you. Every one of them is good after I have used it.01 Japanese diatomite absorbent mat before my family are ordinary mat, every time after washing the feet on the top can feel dirty, it is also easy to breed bacteria, it is not good for our health.Later I found that many young people were using Japanese-style diatomaceous earth absorbent MATS. I bought one and used it for several times before I found it really fragrant.The biggest advantage of this Japanese-style diatomite absorbent mat is its strong absorption power. Water stains on your feet can be quickly absorbed after stepping on it for a few seconds. Besides, it is not easy to breed bacteria and is easy to clean.In fact, it will not breed bacteria or dry crack for a long time, it is better than the traditional pad with a lot of, stepping on the top is also very soft, no wonder young people like it.Laundry detergent or washing powder is usually used to wash clothes, but we should know that.Washing powder has a strong cleaning power, but the clothes are hard after washing.Although laundry detergent is weak in cleaning, the clothes washed on it are soft to wear on the body. Is there a strong cleaning force but the clothes washed out are still very soft?It is suggested that you can use laundry condensation beads, which are small packages and independent. When washing clothes, you only need to throw two beads into the washing machine to wash the clothes, and the washed clothes are very soft, especially comfortable to wear, and will not breed bacteria and produce peculiar smell.After the use of laundry condensation beads in my home, washing powder and detergent are idle by me. After all, the clothes washed with it are fragrant and comfortable, which is easier to use than these two cleaning products. I suggest that everyone can try.03 intelligent toilet don’t know if you have used intelligent toilet, my family used are common closestool, later in the intelligent toilet after just know how to use, it is intelligent toilet in addition to let our toilet seat automatically gets hot, can also play a role of clean, we after using the toilet, clean directly, more health!With the intelligent toilet, when going to the toilet in winter, it will no longer feel cold, and it can also be disinfected, which is of great benefit to our health.04 solid aromatherapy If you feel that there is always a smell or other smells in the home, it is recommended to put a solid aroma at home, this solid aroma is much better than ordinary perfume, because solid aroma will be slower, and its taste is fresh, put one at home can be away from the trouble of odor.Another advantage of using solid aromatherapy is that it is not easy to spill, even if you have a pet at home can safely use it!Summary: For many office workers, every day home just want to have a good rest, but if the face of piles of housework, or all kinds of dirt, will certainly affect our mood!Here are a few household items that might help you improve your home. If you don’t have one yet, try some!For more exciting content, check out the household items