0-2!National football team naturalized players blowing cattle Japanese players to fulfill the promise

2022-05-09 0 By

At 18 o ‘clock on January 27, Beijing time, Li Xiaopeng welcomed the debut of the National football team in the 7th round of group B of the World Preliminary Round. The result was a 2-0 away defeat to Japan, and the National football team was in a passive situation with +0 shots on target.Chinese football fans shake their heads and say that Chinese football is at least 10 years behind Japanese football.China 0-2 Japan: China and Japan two will blow a bull, a promise!Before the team’s game against Japan, China’s two other leaders being Chen ming-shu naturalized players too threatening to zero before the closure of Japan, while two other leaders being Chen ming-shu too is the best players of the team’s play the game, the game he emergency for many times, also gained 7.1 points, after the game is the team’s starting + substitute 16 people after the highest score, but he failed to live up to its promise, failed to achieve zero Japan.And two other leaders being Chen ming-shu too in sharp contrast to Japanese player yi east pure also abroad, the giants henk zaaiman effectiveness than the armour winger, he said before the game, Japan less two first-choice central defender rich AnJianYang + yoshida, ma also, they can also get beat, Chinese football at the same time he can break into the team’s goal in the match, both the east plain are also fulfilled the promises.In the 61st minute, He received a cross from Nakayama on the left and headed home the second goal for Japan as Zheng zheng was distracted. After the match, He also scored a game-high eight points.