The ski doc team’s final push!How do they celebrate this Spring Festival?

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Beijing, January 30 news in a few days, the Beijing Winter Olympics will usher in the exciting opening moment, the winter Olympics preparations have entered the final sprint.At xiaohaituo Mountain in Yanqing, Beijing, the alpine skiing venue of this Winter Olympic Games, more than 30 skiing doctors are also preparing for their final “preparations”.Li Rui, a neurosurgeon at China-japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing, is your old friend.In the “Four Seasons winter Olympics” program of Voice of China, he has used the form of voice diary to share with everyone the story of training and security in the past year, and let everyone know how difficult it is to become an excellent ski doctor.Recently, he came back with a fresh story about his preparations for the Winter Olympics.In the final sprint stage, he and his teammates had to do the pre-match site adaptation training, get familiar with the rescue process, complete relevant courses and undertake volunteer tasks.Li Rui gets up at six o ‘clock in ski training. After breakfast, she starts her busy day by bus.Li rui used to record these bits and pieces in his circle of friends, using his “micro diary” to leave precious memories of preparing for the Winter Olympics.”Wake up at 6:10, it’s 6:30, sit in front of the restaurant, get on the bus in 15 minutes, I have a job today, I have to go up to the track before the athletes go up the hill…”Li Rui (first from the right) and his teammates walk along the road. On how to become a good ski doctor, Li Rui said: “Before BECOMING a ski doctor, skiing was just my hobby.Since the moment I became a ski doctor, every ski training has made me realize that it is far from enough to take skiing as a personal hobby.This requires all of us not only to have near-professional skiing skills, but also to maintain sharp thinking and flexible coordination in cold conditions.To ask the ski doctor how it was done, there is no shortcut, just practice, practice, practice.”Menglu Menglu, 57, an ophthalmologist at the Third Hospital of Peking University, looks young and energetic as she puts on a ski suit and runs on the slopes.In the event of an accident, ski doctors are required to carry a medical bag weighing up to 10 kilograms on their backs. They have to be skilled at skiing on professional courses with 70 percent slope and be able to stop at any time.Meng Lu said, everyone regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter adhere to training, the goal is four words: race against time.”Athletes’ injuries, such as head trauma, chest and rib fractures or limb fractures, are common.We have to be on the scene in four minutes, basically within eight to ten minutes to assess the initial injuries and then transport the victims.What we did on the ski course today was a real first aid training on the track.We do it in groups, in different roles, to train, to practice.”Meng Lu in training for four years grinding a sword, these ski doctors do not really want to go to the rescue in the Winter Olympics, that means someone injured.However, they will always be ready, when summoned, can fight, can win the battle!Li Rui: My teammates and I will spend this special and unforgettable Spring Festival in the Winter Olympic Games.I will officially devote myself to the medical security work of alpine skiing, complete my task conscientiously within the scope of my guarantee, and protect every competitor who skates in front of me.Use my expertise to escort them, see them cross the finish line.Meng Lu: After the Winter Olympics, I may have to leave my job, because I have reached the retirement age, my wish is after the End of the Winter Olympics, continue to escort more skiing fans on the track, to be their patron saint of skiing.I hope the Beijing Winter Olympics will be a complete success. I hope our medical support team can complete the task smoothly. I hope my family, friends and relatives can go in peace and have a happy New Year.Photo taken by the Dream team of Medical security of winter Olympics Skiing Supervisor: Liang Yue Planner: Zhang Wen Reporter: Zhang Wen Li Hao Photo provided by Li Rui and Meng Lu