“Pingyao Chinese New Year” street year popular culture

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Yellow River news network Jinzhong news (reporter Li Wenjuan) “sell beef sell corn!Every family comes to celebrate!”On February 1, it was the first day of the first lunar month, the ancient city of Pingyao was bustling, bustling, from the north city of Gutao town “Pingyao Chinese Year” street patrol performance team team is working hard to shout, attracting many tourists have stopped, repeatedly cheered.At 10:00, organized by the governments of pingyao county GuTao martial music, yangko, dragon dance, lion dance, sweethearts, waist drum, stilts, peddler eight “year” pingyao China tour team by ancient city meet embalm door into the street performances, through the ancient, yamen street, west street, south street, sincerity bring people a rich and colorful, full of customs in cultural performances.Stilt walking, dragon and lion dance, yangko dance and other traditional performances with a long heritage and wide audience are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, attracting the masses to follow and watch, take photos and “punch cards”.In order to promote the traditional culture and let the public feel the taste of different customs, each performance team has its own characteristics, and everyone has “special skills”.The most technically difficult performance was walking on stilts.Ancient tao town culture station chief Li Jianzhong introduced:”Walking on stilts is one of the han nationality traditional folk activities, commonly known as wood bound feet, which is also called” stilts “, “on stilts”, “high”, is a mass of folk popular in north China feat, more in some folk festival by the dancer’s feet and a long wooden rocker performances, stilts around has its distinctive local style and national color.”Stilt walking skills strong, lively and diverse forms, loved by the masses.In addition, performing dragon and lion dances is an important traditional custom among Chinese people. People pray for peace and harvest by performing dragon dances. From the Spring Festival to the Lantern Festival, dragon dances are performed in many places.The scene of the day, an hour of street patrol performance really let the people had a delicious year.It is understood that the town of Gutao eight performing teams of 420 cast and crew are local people.”After the town government issued a notice, people immediately responded to the call and spontaneously contacted us.Pingyao people not only have a deep love for the New Year culture, so that the ancient city is full of cultural atmosphere, full of New Year flavor.”Ji Chengzhu, the party secretary of Gutao Town, told reporters that the performance team members are both in their seventies, young children and young people in their 20s. The age span is very large, and both men and women are actively participating in the activities.In the hearts of the local people, yangko, waist drum and other folk culture is the most authentic, the most “authentic” cultural symbols, the city with “Pingyao Chinese year”, really let the people feel the taste of “home”.