On February 6, huachi County meteorological Station issued a yellow warning signal for road icing

2022-05-08 0 By

Huachi County Meteorological Observatory issued yellow warning signal for road icing at 06:17 on February 06, 2022:Affected by the snow and ground temperature: 24 hours, my county soft far, Qiao He, purple fang billet, heights, moat, south beam, Lin town, yue yue, five dumpling, yuan city, Qiao Chuan, white horse, king huai ‘an, in the tableland, tip the child will have an impact on traffic icy roads, please prepared the relevant units and personnel, pay attention to travel safety.(Information source: National Early Warning Issuing Center) 1. Transportation and public security departments should make preparations for road icing according to their duties;2. Drivers should pay attention to road conditions and drive safely;3. Pedestrians should ride bicycles as little as possible and pay attention to anti-slip.