Bright lights, new trails…Have you noticed the changes in the songjiang river?

2022-05-08 0 By

Wheel dredging, bank slope planting green, revetment maintenance and renovation……After several years of river regulation, Jiuting Town, Songjiang District, on the basis of water control and river protection, improves the quality of the river and creates a happy and beautiful river for residents.Standing on Banting Road overlooking friendship River, lush trees stretch out their branches to form a natural “sunshade” for the footpath.In the newly placed flower box, flowers are growing well, and the public can enjoy a stroll along the river.Friendship River lighting project installs landscape lights on all nodes along the river, adding a gorgeous color to the night scene of friendship River.The project is expected to be completed by the end of February this year. Friendship River will be a highlight of the night scenery of Jiuting River and Lake, attracting people to stop, watch, play, explore and take photos.Last year, the beichang community Temple Jinghe quality improvement project built a new leisure trail, viewing pavilion, landscape greening and so on, now along the river unimpeded, north-south trail connected through, even into a whole, convenient residents pro river, love, protect the river.In 2021, the Yijingyuan Community river was successfully selected as the most beautiful river and lake in Shanghai. The Yijingyuan Community river is located in The Sansheng Yijingyuan Community. The supporting community was constructed at the same time, and the community was completed in 2006.Part of the river revetment is masonry, part is cobblestone revetment, the river bank is set with pedestrian path, high coverage of green vegetation.Established since 2017, jiuting town river long run, to set up the long, h garden district also established “property river long long, long course of the river, residents’ committees river” long “three river” long-term management mechanism, give full play to their role as the “troika”, carry out routine inspections of water environment, timely detection, discourage reporting of all kinds of pollution, and assist to investigate and punish the illegal construction behavior.Under the self-governing management of the three-level river chiefs, the river governance of Yijingyuan community has achieved remarkable results, which has effectively improved the living environment of the residents and won unanimous praise from the residents.Dianpu River Waterfront Green Belt Project Jiuting Town combined with dianpu River backbone river renovation, on both sides of the river to build a new landscape path, bicycle path, greening, landscape lights, railings, small parks and other facilities to improve the landscape quality, to provide a recreational, sports, open ecological green corridor for the surrounding community residents.At present, the 2.8km section from Huting Road to Beizhugang in the first phase of the project has been completed, and the construction of the second phase of the project has begun, and the whole line will be open to the public after completion.(Article reprinted from Shanghai Songjiang Official account)