TES vs JDG, 369 can pull successful “revenge” old club?

2022-05-07 0 By

Hello everyone, this is Jincheng, bringing you the TES vs JDG data preview.LPL has three games scheduled for Saturday, and usually the most important is the last one.This Saturday will be the same, and while Uzi continues to dominate the BLG starting lineup, the most anticipated game will be TES vs JDG.The pair, who made it to the spring/summer finals of the 2020 LPL, will meet again, with coach Redmi, Kanavi and Yagao on the JDG side compared to two years ago, as well as Coach TES white Crescent and mariners double C.Of course, the most important is the TES48 outstanding graduate 369’s homecoming performance, combined with TES documentary bible, this competition is quite a watch.The team stats are still better than the 3-4 record for the last-place TES in the West, with the 4-2 record for the sixth place JDG.In terms of data, TES is dominant in the points of average output, field of vision and the early one blood one tower, JDG is dominant in points of average complement knife, points of average economy and control of Dalong.Wayward has played in a total of 4 games so far, with an average of 553 points and 728 points. Wayward has used wild man to cut 9/0/4 points. He was extremely crazy against New And was also educated by Bin crazy.Kennan’s winning percentage of 71.4% has become a small skill, and he has retained Jacques, who he has always been good at. Although he is not as good as Wayward in terms of output, damage damage and spare-up, he is better in terms of economy.He was in good condition when he came back from playing field. He could find his rhythm in the early stage. In the post-game interview after the last game, he said, “We will not lose any games in the future.”But Kanavi is a formidable opponent. He has more team participation, KDA, and wild zone control than Komen, and he is also the core of red rice.The only thing Tian did better was his vision score.Once again, knight did win in terms of numbers: team participation, points per unit output, and damage, while YaGao was only slightly better in KDA.Can YaGao take advantage of TES’s weakness to regain the title this year?Hope, which JDG brought from EDG, is a gem, much better than the previous Lpc, but he still lags behind Jackeylove in terms of numbers — Jackeylove has more team participation, points per output and damage, while Hope is more stable and has EDG’s high KDA.Compared with M’s assisted encounter, Mark’s field of vision and injury bearing were slightly better than Missing’s in participation and KDA.As a new TES assistant, Mark is actually daring to open a group, but the cooperation with Jackeylove is still a little strange. Missing can play the hard auxiliary of opening a group, but the hero pool is still a little ahead of Mark.If he can catch Jackeylove at the bottom, maybe JDG can rip it open at TES.If this game is TES win, that is to clear the portal, if JDG can beat TES, that is 369 revenge old club success.What kind of ending do you think?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section!