Let the green all over the east Chu earth, we do!

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Soil loosening, weeding, whitewashing…On the afternoon of 13th, cihu Wetland Park was in full swing with labor scenes. The theme activity of voluntary tree-planting was held here jointly organized by the office of the Municipal Greening Committee and the Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau (Forestry Bureau).”Beautiful China, I am a Doer’s Proposal” was read out at the scene of the event.Family representatives launched a declaration of action “Adopt a tree, care for nature”.The organizer issued a sign for 50 volunteer families to adopt trees, and each family filled in the name of the adopter on the spot. Everyone hung a tree maintenance sign happily, and carried out tree maintenance on the spot, loosened soil, weeded, painted white and trimmed trees, and took photos with their adopted trees.City natural resources and planning Bureau (forestry Bureau) related person in charge said, the launch of the activity is to actively create a good atmosphere of love green planting green protection green xing green, the bureau will continue to do afforestation and afforestation and national obligation tree planting activities, so that green dyed east Chu earth, so that the concept of protecting ecological Yellowstone deep in the hearts of people.In recent years, the city’s land greening work has been continuously promoted, and the forest green quantity has been greatly increased. This year, the focus of afforestation work in the city will gradually change from expanding the forest green quantity to improving the forest quality, constantly optimize the forest structure, improve the forest quality, and increase the forest unit area storage and carbon sink capacity.It plans to implement artificial afforestation and restoration of 18,600 mu of degraded forest throughout the year, and continue to promote the greening and beautification of towns and villages, encourage and guide towns and administrative villages to use the front and back of houses and open Spaces “around” to carry out greening and beautify the environment of towns and villages, and strive to create one forest town and three forest villages in Hubei Province.Further to carry out national compulsory tree planting activities at the same time, through afforestation and tending management, conservation of nature, recognition of adoption, facilities building, subscription, voluntary services, and other forms, organize citizens to perform the duty of planting trees to improve the general public love green plant green protect green hing green consciousness and national compulsory rate of the duty of planting trees.Source: Huangshi Daily News