It is suggested that the story of Yin Chunrong, a drug fighting hero, be made into a TV series

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Yin Chunrong is an anti-drug hero.Before joining the National Immigration Administration, he worked in yunnan Public Security Frontier Corps of the Armed Police for a long time and worked in anti-drug work for a long time.The number of drug traffickers arrested and drugs seized set an important record for yunnan public Security frontier system.In 2017, on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army, Yin was awarded the Bayi Medal, the highest military honor.Yin chunrong’s drug-fighting saga was written in the book “Undercover Doctor’s Life and Death”.This book sells like hot cakes.Although Yin Chunrong was transferred to the people’s police as the border public Security Force retired from active service, his identity changed, but his original aspiration and mission remained unchanged.Yin chunrong continued to play an important role in other posts on the public security front.Yin chunrong’s narco-fighting saga will not only be chronicled in books.Suggestion: Shoot an anti-drug TV series based on Yin Chunrong to carry forward his spirit.Let Yin Chunrong, an example of The Times, always be remembered in the hearts of the people.