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Steady growth throughout the year, the key to see the first quarter.At the beginning of the New Year, Fujian province is working hard to implement the work arrangements of the CPC Provincial Committee and the provincial government, promote the economic work of the province to get off to a good start, and strive to achieve the goal of “a good start” in the first quarter.A wave of stable foreign trade, stable foreign investment, to promote consumption red envelopes!We will stabilize foreign trade and encourage enterprises to deepen economic and trade exchanges and cooperation with RCEP countries.Deepen “help ten thousand enterprises grow” foreign trade guidance;We will improve the “single window plus export credit insurance” policy, expand the coverage of small and micro businesses, and further cut insurance rates by 25%.In terms of stabilizing foreign investment, we will further improve the positive incentive mechanism of utilizing foreign investment, increase incentives for investment promotion departments at all levels, accelerate the implementation of centralized contracted projects, strengthen digital investment promotion, and vigorously carry out cloud investment promotion, cloud promotion and cloud negotiation relying on “cloud Cif”.A series of combination fist, promote market main body to raise quality increment.In terms of promoting consumption, six measures were introduced for a “good start” : expanding the scale of market entities, encouraging promotional activities, supporting the development of platform economy, expanding automobile consumption, boosting food consumption, and expanding “fu” brand consumption.”Policy + Activity”, “Commodity + service”, “city + village”, “online + offline”…Boost fujian Spring Festival market fire up, flourishing.Fujian steady foreign trade, steady foreign investment, promote consumption policy “red envelope” specific arrangements look together → steady foreign trade “red envelope” 01, strengthen the cultivation of key projects.We will further strengthen the driving role of the provincial-level pool of key incremental foreign trade projects.Enterprises will be encouraged to seize the strategic opportunities of the Belt and Road Initiative to expand the export of foreign aid materials and contracted projects.Deepen the “help ten thousand enterprises grow” foreign trade guidance, play the role of import and export training base in our province;All localities are encouraged to set up service centers and incubators for foreign trade enterprises, build public service platforms for foreign trade, and promote the conversion of foreign trade enterprises from non-existent to non-existent.Support competitive enterprises to expand foreign trade.We will deepen the connection between industry, trade and science and trade, and encourage leading enterprises with brands and core technologies, single champions in manufacturing, “specialized and special” small giant enterprises, high-tech enterprises at provincial level and above, and “China well-known trademark” enterprises to expand their foreign trade.Iii. Promote innovation and upgrading of market procurement.Promote local governments to accelerate the replication and promotion of market procurement trade methods, and encourage local characteristic industries to enter the market agglomeration areas.Iv. Encourage multi-channel expansion of international market.Seize the RCEP agreement opportunity, organize a series of special training, guide enterprises to make full use of relevant policies, and actively expand the trade scale between Our province and other RCEP members.Encourage enterprises to expand the market through the cloud display platform, continue to carry out foreign trade cloud exhibition activities, expand the effectiveness of online exhibitions.5. Promote import quality improvement and expansion.We will encourage pilot enterprises in importing crude oil from non-state trade to expand imports.To meet the needs of upgrading consumption, we will increase imports of products that affect people’s wellbeing, agricultural products in short supply in China, and major resource products.We will guide enterprises in making good use of the discount policy on imports to help import advanced technologies, important equipment and key spare parts.We will support the development of fuxiquan National Innovation Demonstration Zone.Cultivate a number of key enterprises and high-quality import platforms.6. Ensure smooth cross-border logistics.Encourage international shipping companies to increase investment in our province’s transport capacity, increase the opening of international routes, optimize route allocation and supply.We will encourage the customs to continue to optimize the supervision process of imported empty containers and improve turnover efficiency.Strengthen communication and coordination with shipping companies such as COSCO Shipping, and encourage foreign trade enterprises to sign long-term agreements with them.7. Strengthening credit insurance.We will continue to expand export credit insurance coverage of short risks and the coverage of enterprises, further expand the coverage of pre-shipment insurance coverage, raise the quota satisfaction rate, and lower the premium rate.Moderately increase the buyer credit limit support for key credit insurance service enterprises, high-tech enterprises and key industrial chain enterprises.Improve the coverage of export credit insurance for small and micro enterprises, and encourage insurance companies with export credit insurance business qualifications to promote the “single window + export credit insurance” model for small and micro export enterprises.8. Support enterprises in preventing exchange rate fluctuations.We will actively promote cross-border RMB settlement in trade, support new forms of trade to carry out cross-border RMB settlement, increase the publicity and promotion of hedging products, reduce the cost of exporting enterprises to use exchange rate hedging products, and encourage enterprises to use cross-border RMB settlement and exchange rate hedging products to prevent risks.9. Strengthening the assessment of local objectives.We made clear the targets and tasks of each region in the first quarter, and consolidated their responsibilities. We mobilized the initiative of all parties through the combination of dots, lines and planes.1. We will encourage foreign-funded enterprises to accelerate their investment.We will increase support for the actual investment of foreign-invested enterprises. Under the conditions of the original reward policy, we will give a maximum reward of 1.5% to those that have invested us $3 million in the first quarter of 2022 and have contributed to the actual use of foreign capital in the province.2. Expand the use of foreign investment in high-tech fields.Encourage the introduction of foreign advanced technology and concepts, and reward at most 2% of the portion of enterprises identified as national high-tech enterprises and technologically advanced service enterprises that have actually invested 3 million US dollars in the first quarter of 2022 and have contributed to the actual use of foreign capital in the province under the conditions of the original reward policies.3. Accelerate the implementation of centrally signed projects.Strengthen the main responsibility of the project, actively take effective measures to promote the 21st CiFIT and Fujian International Investment Promotion Conference major provincial investment promotion activities signed projects as soon as possible.In the first quarter of 2022, each project will be rewarded with rmb400,000.Fourth, improve the positive incentive mechanism.Optimize the province’s positive incentive evaluation method for foreign investment utilization, and conduct annual evaluation based on quarterly weight, with the weight adjusted from 25% to 35% in the first quarter.The top 5 cities (districts) and the top 20 counties (cities, districts) in the annual evaluation will be given certain financial rewards.Fifth, strengthen digital investment promotion.Business departments at all levels are encouraged to actively organize Spring Festival investment promotion and big data investment promotion, and carry out cloud investment promotion, cloud promotion and cloud negotiation relying on the platform of “Cloud CiIF”. For the districts (districts) and counties (cities and districts) included in the “9+1+40” investment promotion working platform, the digital investment promotion work achieved outstanding results in the first quarter of 2022,Provincial finance will give 100,000 yuan and above investment promotion work reward.First, expand the scale of market entities.Arrange special fiscal funds at the provincial level to support around cultivating new stable, well-managed above designated trading enterprises, to promote “turn the individual enterprise”, “transfer limitation the following limitation above”, encourage conditional chains, shopping center cashier unified accounting system, encourage the production processing enterprises to implement “trade and industry separation”,Set up a sales company to merge into a trading enterprise.Under the same conditions, we will promote business policies and funds to favor cities, counties and districts with large zero contributions to the community and to favor integrated enterprises.Local cities should do a good job of cash funds in a timely manner.Second, strengthen guidance and tracking.Around to enhance city, county and township levels linkage, partial classification step by step guide, focus on cultivating and reduce pin monthly new enterprise support work, controlled start goal in the first quarter, according to the project, listing, ZeRenHua requirements, week, month, quarter by quarter completes the work goal, work plan, cultivate new growth points, to reduce the pin surface reduction, promote incremental stock,The province to the first quarter of a good start to complete the situation to be notified.Iii. Promotion activities are encouraged.Support seize New Year around the important consumer nodes, to organize the key business circle, commercial complex, pedestrian street, large chain supermarket, restaurant, electricity and other formats, and to carry out the discount preferential benefit, reduce, full, live take goods, online online consumer promotion activities such as Spring Festival, promotional fu tea, wine, fujian cuisine, fujian is tasted, expand the min size commodity consumption.Large-scale thematic promotional activities organized by local governments will be supported by provincial funds.We will encourage qualified places to issue consumption vouchers and cooperate with enterprises to promote sales of profits, so as to stimulate residents’ consumption during festivals and promote sustained recovery of consumption in the whole province.Iv. Support the economic development of the platform.For the third-party platforms set up in Fujian that match the annual online trading volume of B2B physical commodities with more than 500 million yuan or the annual online trading volume of B2C physical commodities with more than 300 million yuan, the operating enterprises will be given a reward of no more than 1 million yuan.Fujian enterprises that realize annual online retail sales of physical goods over 100 million yuan or agricultural products over 30 million yuan by using third-party and self-operated platforms of e-commerce will be rewarded with a reward of no more than 1 million yuan.5. Expand automobile consumption.The provincial level has arranged funds to support local governments to use the New Year’s Day and The Spring Festival to hold automobile exhibitions and sales, consumption subsidies and promotion of automobiles to the countryside.Consumers who buy new cars from automobile sales enterprises in our province shall be given a subsidy of no less than 3000 YUAN for each car.Encourage automobile distribution enterprises to carry out various kinds of preferential activities to expand automobile consumption.6. Boost catering consumption.The provincial government arranges funds to support local catering enterprises with brand characteristics and time-honored brands to attract consumers to the restaurant through sales promotion, innovative dishes and quality services.Source: Fujian Daily · New Fujian client reporter Lin Zhilan
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