Genting Ski Park medical care is ready

2022-05-06 0 By

Hebei Daily reporter Wang Weihong “Although today is New Year’s Eve, but genting Ski Park’s Winter Olympic Games will start on February 3, so we must seize every minute before the competition, constantly enrich themselves.”On January 31, genting ski park A, B site venue medical officer shi-min dong and C area venues medical officer tian-jun wang told reporters that the genting ski park medical security work is ready, two each from the third hospital of hebei medical university and hebei province people’s hospital of the health care team, will continue to safeguard and the process in training exercises in improving medical support capability.Genting Ski Park is the earliest venue in Zhangjiakou Olympic Games competition area.The venue is equipped with venues A, B and C, of which venues A and B include slopestyle, obstacle chase, parallel giant slalom and halfpipe. The Medical support team of the Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University is responsible for medical support.Venue C includes aerials and moguls, and the medical support team of Hebei Provincial People’s Hospital is responsible for medical support.In the early morning of January 31, the duty officers of the two security teams came to their respective posts to provide medical security services for the domestic and foreign athletes training here.”It has been snowing in Chongli since yesterday, with strong wind and low temperature, which has increased the risk of athletes being injured during training. Every on-site support staff of us has been concentrating on the treatment work at all times.”Dong Shimin, director of the emergency department at the Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University, told reporters that the hospital’s medical support team for the Winter Olympics will stay on guard until 9 PM on New Year’s Eve.Data from previous Winter Olympics shows that the risk of injury is relatively large for athletes in snow events.Projections based on past data suggest that genting could account for about 80 per cent of zhangjiakou’s athletes receiving medical treatment.In order to ensure the health and safety of every participant in Genting Ski Park, the Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University and the People’s Hospital of Hebei Province selected 48 and 23 experts respectively to set up their own medical support teams for the Winter Olympics.In addition to participating in medical treatment in their respective regions, they are also responsible for the athletes’ medical stations, staff and media stations in their respective regions.”We’ve had this team for two years, and two years of solid preparation.”Shi-min dong said that the hospital more than 100 games are health care doctors after two years of training, and participated in the international snow World Cup and Olympic Games security services such as test event, select the most conforms to “fast, safe, standardized and effective training team of 48 people, came to worship ceremony on January 22nd, into the closed loop into winter health care work.On January 22, it snowed in many parts of our province. It took the medical support team of the Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University for the Winter Olympics to arrive in Chongli for 10 hours.It was already 3 a.m. the next day when the team took a rest, including the relocation of medical supplies and personnel.However, they woke up shortly after 6 a.m. on Jan. 23 and began training security and procedures.According to introducing, this time after entering the genting ski park, the third hospital of hebei medical university and the games are in hebei province people’s hospital health care team in addition to guarantee the athlete in training at home and abroad, also made the work plan, summarizes the key points and difficulties in training during the past two years, easy fault point, again and again reconnaissance venues, to carry out the whole flow of drill,Take every opportunity to improve your team’s medical care before the game.At present, genting Ski Park has completed all preparations for medical security, including personnel, equipment, materials and procedures, and the security personnel have also adjusted their psychological state to the best and are ready to be tested during the Winter Olympic Games.