Calm cool: open the health warm year

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Warm Chinese New Year “Healthy taste” — Overview of Cultural Travel activities during Pingliang Spring Festival HolidayIn the Spring of the Year of the Tiger, pingliang launched rich “cultural travel, health and nutrition banquet” throughout the city, so that urban and rural people enjoy the festive season.At the moment when epidemic prevention and control is normalized, the city’s cultural tourism and health care industry is in full bloom. At the beginning of the New Year, the city has harvested a bright “report card” — The Spring Festival holiday. The total number of tourists received in the city is 516,900, realizing the comprehensive tourism income of 285,469,100 yuan, an increase of 26.38% and 38.24% respectively compared with the same period in 2021.In many people’s traditional view, “climbing a mountain” in the New Year symbolizes good wishes.In 2022 Spring Festival holiday, Kongtong Mountain scenic area has attracted a number of citizens and tourists to climb the heights and overlook and pray for blessings.Snowfall on the fifth and sixth day of the lunar New Year will usher in the best viewing period of snow and ice in Kongtong Mountain scenic area.Snowflakes flying all over the sky, kongtong Mountain will be dressed up as a pure snow and ice world.Beautiful snow scenery, so that the tourists came to climb excited, have taken pictures.Kongtong snow scenery intoxicates visitors.According to huang Weilin, the first day of the Lunar New Year at 9:00 a.m., the reporter in Kongtong Mountain scenic area sees that there are many citizens and tourists coming to Kongtong Mountain, climbing to welcome the New Year, in a green and healthy way to celebrate the Spring Festival.Citizen Li Tiantao told reporters: “The first day of the New Year, take children to climb kongtong Mountain, hope children in the New Year, constantly toward the goal of courager climb.”See beautiful scenery, enjoy folk customs, taste the flavor of the New Year.The Spring Festival holiday, kongtong mountain scenery area, kongtong ancient town in the basis of epidemic prevention and control, around “spring” “send blessing”, launch the New Year theme activities, create a happy festive atmosphere.There is a sense of beauty in visiting a garden in Hanfu.In kongtong ancient town, a New Year’s goods collection and citizens meet, all kinds of cool and famous new products exhibition dizzying people;Speakers stage is ready, a “national K song” to attract people hot open voice;Offering “blessing gongs and drums” to send New Year’s greetings to tourists;Looking for hidden in the ancient town net red punch card point 6 pieces of blessing cards, blessing na Xiang at the same time, can also exchange tickets for Kongtong Mountain……There are also 20 Series of cultural travel activities for the Spring Festival, such as “Da Pu Buddha” praying for the Spring Festival, kongtong Chivalrals, and Hanfu Garden, which are very lively and interactive.”All people karaoke” passionate voice.Tea will be served outside the staff.A warm bonfire party in kongtong ancient town.”Fans of jade hair, gold and silver insignia, red cloth tied around his waist.Through the Tang, Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasties, summon the spring breeze to report happiness…”In Jingning County Lidian town gucheng Ji Guangye Chuan one thousand years to shout spring folk culture festival, spring official sang a spread in guangye Chuan one thousand years to shout spring words, reproduce this traditional folk culture activities;Zhuanglang county some villages shehuo performance team, walk into the village for shehuo performance, people follow the lively shehuo team from street to street, to get a lucky, gongs and drums crowded with people, eyes are festive red…Jingning Lidian town spring official shout spring.Wang Zhisan photo jingning Lidian Town shehuo performance.During the Spring Festival, pingliang key rural tourist attractions organized rich and colorful mass cultural activities, a beautiful “cultural feast”, a wonderful cultural feast, so that the rural people have enough cultural addiction, people can not help but sigh: this Spring Festival, the Flavor of the New Year is stronger.Looking back on the Spring Festival holiday, pingliang people are no longer satisfied with the traditional forms of entertainment such as New Year’s Eve dinner, watching the Spring Festival Gala, drinking and playing cards, and begin to pursue higher level of cultural enjoyment.Cultural units have responded to the demand of the common people in a timely manner, so that citizens and tourists can enjoy the essence of Pingliang culture online.Pingliang Wenlv wechat public number and Pingliang wenbo, Pingliang Library, Pingliang Cultural Center and other wechat public number, launched every day “cultural stage” “online museum” “online library” “Jinghe big stage” “online see Pingliang”, for the desire to improve their own pingliang people send spiritual food.The 2022 Pingliang Spring Festival Gala.Ma Peilin takes cultural health and meets pingliang in the colorful spring, opening a spiritual journey that is pleasing to the eye, pleasing to the heart and pleasing to the god.If you meet her for the first time, in these rich and enthusiastic folk culture activities, you will have a glimpse of the origin and changes of pingliang Spring Festival culture, uncover the secrets of those long forgotten history and culture, and have more intimate meaning and love for her.Sports health, enjoy this profound snow and ice romantic travel qianshan twilight snow, the scenery is good alone.Driven by the continuous high enthusiasm of the Winter Olympics, the ice and snow tour based on ice and snow projects is worthy of becoming a fashionable way of playing in the Spring Festival holiday of the Year of the Tiger in Pingliang, which arouses the excitement of tourists and injects new power into the construction of the tourism industry chain of Pingliang health care.Enjoy the ice and snow.The municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism in series to promote the “winter Long song to welcome the Winter Olympics” flying snow travel boutique tourism routes such as “snow and ice dream spring painting color” Pingliang city’s ten winter and spring season health tourism theme lines, with hot pingliang surrounding skiing, intangible cultural heritage, research, food, hotels and other business.During the Spring Festival holiday, the primary, middle and advanced courses of the ski resort in Pingliang Haizhaigou Tourism resort are favored by tourists. Ski lovers release their passion on the ski slopes and enjoy the fun of ice and snow sports.The skis cut into the snow and creaked along the long trail.Haizhaigou ski resort has held three ski training camps, each training of small skiing athletes up to 50 people, driving the ice and snow sports continue to heat up.Reporters at the scene to see, many children under the leadership of the coach gradually master double board skiing skills.According to coach Zhao Zheng, the enthusiasm of the young people who come to ski is high. Many parents believe that skiing can improve their children’s development skills in many aspects and challenge themselves in the world of ice and snow.Bai Xiaobao, who came here from Qingyang to ski, said ice sports have become a “standard” part of his family’s Spring Festival holiday.Little skiers ski in groups.Compared with professional ski resorts, Baimiao Huahai Ski Resort and Chongxin Longquan Ice and Snow World have some ice and snow joy.Snowboats, snowmobiles, snowtanks…Fun projects bring people too many surprises.Baimiao Village combines snow and ice tourism with picking and farming culture, creating a combination of “skiing + snow appreciation + Spring Festival + picking + shopping”, attracting a large number of tourists to the “doorstep” ski resort to feel the fun of snow and ice tourism.Pick a bright spot.While the ice and snow sports continue to heat up, the city’s grassroots township organizations to carry out a variety of small, colorful ball games have also been welcomed by the masses.Zhuanglang County Handian town sports center organized the basketball games, the city’s national fitness center organized the “run, teenager” winter camp activities, favored by sports enthusiasts.During the Spring Festival, the city’s characteristic food around the taste buds of the masses have been fully satisfied.Brewing is the first taste of home.Li Chongming, who has just returned to his hometown after working in Ningxia, ordered two pieces of stuffed skin in a shop in Dannanyu Village, Cidi Town, Huating City.A moment later, two gleaming plates of mustard, tahini, chili oil, and balsamic vinegar were placed before him, and he tasted them eagerly.”It tastes salty, sour, fragrant, spicy and fresh. The taste of childhood has come back again!”Pingliang brewed skin is how many wanderer homesickness.The Spring Festival, pingliang people’s favorite thing is around the hot pot, talk about the year last year, this year’s expectations, we are happy and happy, this is pingliang people yearning for the happiness of the year.”I work outside, the favorite to tell others is the cold food, every time I talk about the cold warm pot, meat and vegetables, fresh but not greasy, people envy, I am going to post a friend circle to be greedy for them.In the hot pot shop of Shiqiao Village, Handian town, Zhuanglang County, Zhang Zhilong, who came back from Xi ‘an, invited two childhood friends to taste the long-missed taste.During the Spring Festival, many returning travelers have trouble following the food charts they have drawn up for themselves.The first morning lamb bubble, noon fried noodles, evening warm pot;Hele morning of the second day, at noon lamb paste noodles, steamed chicken, steamed sheep at night;On the third day of the morning of potato reform, noon reform of rice, the eight bowls of Hui in the evening……There are oil pot helmets with fragrant lips and teeth, crisp steamed bun, alfalfa steamed bun, oven tooth steamed bun, Persimmon flour cake, fried oil cake, fried fruit, crisp bun, oil cake with japonica cake…Eat once zhuang Lang warm pot, year full of happiness.The inexhaustible and insufficiently delicious food is inseparable from the credit of pingliang Wen travelers.In recent years, The city has accelerated the integration of food and upstream and downstream industries, striving to create rural food brands with local characteristics, and activating tourism, catering, agriculture and other industries through featured food to help rural revitalization.Nowadays, batches of pingliang health scenic spots and villages constantly show a new atmosphere, the release of new charm.Sea village ditch village resort, white temple tiger hill ecological garden, the banpo organic community, luyuan beautiful ecological garden, huang village meiyukou village, south village, located, 35 ° apple valley, the Kowloon hills of folk culture and become tourists looking for nostalgia, experience of folklore, intangible perception, farmhouse meal, hot spots for local products, to tourists, have a good experience.New Year, the hot culture travel health market, in the beginning of the year of the tiger for pingliang economy lit a fire.Source: Pingliang Daily